Hair coloring at home

Become another, change your image ... What only women do not come up with in pursuit of beauty! Both beauty salons with their stylists and tips published in fashion magazines successfully help in this. Hair dyeing is hardly for someone a completely new way to change, but not many people know how to dye hair of medium or any other length at home.

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  1. The first thing to remember is that when choosing a dye, you choose the further health of your hair. Therefore, buying too cheap paint is not worth it, as well as the most expensive. Carefully study the composition of the tool to avoid unnecessary consequences. Also appreciate its benefits promised by manufacturers. Perhaps the tool is designed to make your hair silky? Or will hair painting, regardless of their length, in the future turn into an exquisite brilliance and color saturation?creative hair coloringChoose what is right for you.
  2. Coloring medium hair or short, as a rule, requires no more than one package of the product, but if you are the owner of long strands, then you may need two or even three packages.
  3. How to dye your hair and in what proportions to mix the emulsion, the balm, the paint itself and the oxidizer are described in detail in the instructions for each package. But just before painting it is advisable to try the agent itself on the body in order to test for an allergic reaction. Therefore, buying paint, apply a drop on the elbow bend. If within 24 hours there will be no stains, itching and other negative consequences, you can safely proceed to painting.
  4. Never use hair dye for other purposes, for example, for dyeing eyelashes or coloring according to the lunar calendarFor this there are special emulsions that do not cause negative effects.
  5. When painting hair try to use gloves, and also cover your shoulders and neck, if your hair is of medium length or long. This will save you from stains on the skin and eliminate the need for a long time to scrub it with a washcloth.
  6. Do not dye your hair if you know that there are any wounds or scratches on the bark of the head. Also do not recommend to be painted before perm and after it.
  7. Do not exceed the time of hair coloring, which is indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. At best, you simply won’t get the color you wanted.At worst, burn your hair.
  8. Never reuse the remaining paint! And the color will not be the same, and it will not bring health to your hair.
  9. Creative hair dyeing, that is, mixing several shades or coloring individual strands, is impossible at home. For this, it is better to visit a specialized beauty salon.
  10. Choose paints wisely, preferably consulting with a specialist beforehand. Remember that the health of your hair - both medium and long and short - depends only on you! And do not pay attention to some rather silly advice, for example, such as dyeing hair according to the lunar calendar, which is designed to improve their color and durability. The position of the moon does not affect your future shade of curls.

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