Hand-made garden boulevard with own hands

For many, the garden plot is the place whereWe must constantly work, plant or build something. When carrying out some measures for the improvement of the territory, it becomes necessary to make holes in the ground. This may be required for planting shrubs and trees, as well as installing fences and other structures. Of course, you can do this with a shovel. But this will take a lot of time and effort.manual garden drill

Much easier work on the backyardsection of the borer "Zubr". Garden hand tools are very convenient. With its help, you can easily make a hole in the soil of the right size. Using this tool makes it much easier to work. In addition, a bit of physical effort is required to apply the garden borer.

Can I do it myself?

The hand-made garden bur is an indispensable tool. As a rule, it is equipped with several augers, which are easily screwed into the soil like drills. Such a device is a good helper in the construction. Alas, not every specialized store can buy a garden drill with replaceable knives. And the price in some cases is too high, and not everyone can afford such costs. Therefore, the question arises: "Is it possible to make a garden hand drill with my own hands?"

Of course, you can. To do this, you need to have at hand some tools and material for work, as well as certain skills and abilities. The process of making a garden borer is quite simple. The main thing is to choose the right material.bur drill garden hand

What is required?

The hand-made garden borer is manufactured quickly andThe result is a quality product. Of course, when choosing materials, you should be careful. After all, the reliability and longevity of the instrument depend on this. Do not forget that the garden drill consists of several parts. To make the tool you need a scrolling pen, a metal pole and a screw, which make holes. Every detail must be made of quality material. Otherwise, the tool will not last long. Metal should be strong enough, because the tool will be used to make holes in the soil with different densities. Soft material in this case will not work. For manufacturing it will be required:

  1. Metal sheet.
  2. Armature, 2 and 1.5 meters long.
  3. Drills for working with metal.
  4. Bulgarian and other tools.borer garden handcrafted by hand

Manufacturing process

To make a manual garden drill, it is worthuse only high-quality metal. From this material it is necessary to make several blanks of augers. Also, you should immediately determine the diameter of the parts. It depends on where the garden drill will be applied. If holes are used to make holes with the help of the tool, the diameter of the screws should be greater than the estimated diameter of the hole by about five centimeters. Otherwise the device will be useless.

At the base of the blades must be doneThe holes that will allow the parts to be attached to the base. They should be done in the center. In this case, the holes must be small. Their diameter should be a millimeter smaller than what was done in the rack of the future drill.drill garden hand screw

What's next?

The garden drill consists not only of augers. Particular attention should be paid to the rack. It must also be made of a reliable material. To fix the screws on the rack, it is necessary to clamp it in a vice, and then to make several holes across the rod. In these places, you should cut the thread. You can do it with a tap. After that, you can fix the blades with bolts.

The borer hand-made garden is almost ready. The following manipulations must be carried out using a Bulgarian. With this tool you need to do radial incisions. This will allow, if necessary, a little to stretch the blade into a screw state from a flat one. After the work done, you need to process and then sharpen the bottom at an angle of 50 °.

The final stage

From the bushing side, a smallindent, approximately 10 millimeters. This does not stop the manufacturing process. It is necessary to do the baldness, about three millimeters deep. This can be done with an emery circle. The tip itself can be sharpened so that it resembles a peak. After all, the garden drill will be used in soils of various densities. In the area of ​​the lower end of the column, it is possible to make screw grooves. For this it is worth using the Bulgarian.homemade garden drill

To make the garden auger manual auger was convenient inwork, you need to make a pen. It, as a rule, is attached directly to the rack. In this case, the handle should not be welded. This will not allow you to adjust the height of the rack. It is better to lock the handle with the bolts.


Homemade garden drill - is necessary in the householdtool. After all, the device can be used for many types of work. In addition, the tool perfectly replaces the shovel. Making such a device at home is not very expensive. The main thing is to observe several basic rules and choose the right material.

To garden borer lasted long, it is necessary to protectit from the negative impact of various abrasives. First of all, it is necessary to paint the tool with a compound that can protect products from corrosion. Only in this case the drill will last for more than one year. In addition, the device manufactured at home will save the family budget and equip the household plot without much effort.

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