Hansa products: manufacturing country, range

Hansa presents an interesting combination of technological innovations from Europe and the traditions of the German brand. At the present moment, Hansa (whose country of manufacture has changed periodically) has about 50 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of household appliances in fifty countries of the world. The products of this company are distinguished by a huge model range, unique technical solutions and exclusive design.hansa country of origin

The Hansa brand (country of origin - originally Poland) was founded in 1997 by the efforts of the German company Magotra Handelsgeselshaft, which started manufacturing household appliances based on the factories of the Polish company Amica, which was opened back in 1957.

The predecessor of this brand can be called the Wromet trademark known to the older generation of the inhabitants of our country. Then produced high-quality gas stoves, which went off the conveyor base Amica. For almost 20 years since 1961, the USSR has been their main consumer.

To date, the brand Hansa is a low-cost, functional and high-quality household appliances. In the company, there are divisions in production that deal with the production of certain types of products. Among them: Hansa cooker, built-in appliances, washing machine and refrigerator.hansa stove

In our country, the Hansa brand was initially introduced not so long ago - in 2000. After 8 years, the company's products were awarded an important award "Brand of the Year / EFFIE" among consumer electronics and home appliances. In 2011, the Hansa showroom opened in Moscow (the first in Russia).

The Hansa brand, whose sales markets are the territory of the CIS countries and Russia, is included in the Amica Group Group of Companies portfolio with the following brands: Amica, CDA and Gram.

Brand philosophy

The philosophy of the company Hansa, which for about 50 years in total has been engaged in the manufacture of household appliances, expresses confidence that its products can completely change a person’s lifestyle. Household appliances Hansa - this is not the usual mechanisms, it is comfort, atmosphere and comfort in the house. Due to this, every specialist of the company takes into account the fundamental values ​​of the brand at all stages of production: the criteria for customers' health and safety, reliability are decisive in the whole concept, as well as in every detail of all the products of this company.

Hansa: producing country

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the producing countries of the company are Turkey, Poland, China.oven hansa

Country of assembly of the company depends directly on the type of household appliances:

The factories of the company are distinguished by a modern approach to the manufacture of technology. The materials used by the company are completely harmless to the person who will come in contact with them, as well as to the environment. The products of the company Hansa (the country of manufacture of this brand of equipment, as we found out above, depends on the type of product) meets high quality standards. This is confirmed by various certificates, including ISO 14001, 9001, EMW, Rostest, CE VDE and GS.


Currently, the structure of the company includes 4 modern factories that were built according to the principle “1 product - 1 factory”: for the manufacture of embedded household appliances, in addition, cookers, washing machines and refrigerators. Today, products under the Hansa, Amica, Premier and Gram brands are sold in more than fifty countries of the world.


The choice of technology is a way to create an individual space of the house and self-expression of each person. The portfolio of this company is constantly updated, providing its customers with all the great opportunities to solve the original and sophisticated ideas of designers.


At the present moment, a huge number of thousands of Russians have chosen the equipment of this company. For example, the Hansa cooker is for many a combination of original design, an innovative approach and an optimal balance of reliability at an affordable cost.household appliances hansa

Hansa in Russia

Technique of this company can be found in stores in Russia throughout its territory - from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. All products are fully consistent with high quality standards. It is worth noting that this is confirmed by various certificates, as we discussed above.

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