Harm to the microwave oven for human health: myth or reality?

Compactness, practicality and simplicity inapplication - all this contributed to the fact that the microwave oven has become a familiar kitchen item along with a fridge or oven. In addition, it has become so accustomed to it that in the absence of it, for example, in the country, the question often arises of how to defrost food or cook a dish without using oil. And this is not to mention just to warm up the food. However, there is an opinion that this kitchen item does not benefit the body. Is there a harm to the microwave oven? Is it a myth or a reality? This is exactly what will be discussed in this review.

Benefit or harm?

harm to the microwave oven for human health

At first glance, the benefits of usingmicrowave oven is large enough. This is a handy device that has great functionality. With it, you can greatly simplify the daily life of any person who does not have enough time to cook food. However, scientists are constantly arguing. And the topic of their discussions affects the harm of the microwave oven for human health. The main reason for the emergence of disputes are the principles of operation of equipment and the influence that radiated waves have on the body. You should try to figure out what lies at the heart of the microwave. It is also necessary to discuss the rules that should be followed when using the equipment.

The benefits of the microwave oven have already been mentioned above. Those people who constantly use this unit say that it is convenient and largely saves time. As an example, one should consider simple heating of food. On the plate this will require several times more time. In addition, without oil in this situation, you will not be able to warm up. And after all it is after heat treatment turns into a source of carcinogens, which causes huge damage to the body of any person.

What happens to the product in the microwave?

harm to the microwave oven

To everything else, having spent on heating fooda less amount of time, at first glance, to keep all the useful substances with vitamins is not so difficult. However, is it possible to talk about the benefits of that food, the molecular structure of which has completely changed, turning into an unknown compound? Can this be associated with harm to the microwave oven for human health? It should be noted that at the time of transformation into an unnatural form, food loses all useful elements. Accordingly, the body simply stops absorbing it. What is the reason for this? Help answer this question can the principle of the microwave.

Principle of operation of the device

The operation of the device is based on the actionsufficiently powerful magnetron. It provides an opportunity to convert conventional electricity into a high-power electric field. It will be characterized by an ultra-high frequency, equal to 2,450 MHz. It is due to this that the product heats up quickly enough. During reflection from the inner coating of the body made of metal, the radiated waves evenly begin to affect the food. Their speed in this case can be comparable with the speed of light. The charge period in such a situation varies directly with the magnetron. This is a prerequisite for contacting microparticles with water molecules that are in food.

Faced with these molecules, microwavesthey begin to rotate with a sufficiently high frequency. Approximately one million times per second. In this case, molecular friction is formed. At the same time, huge damage is caused to the molecules of the product. They are deformed and torn. In other words, microwave (microwave) waves transform the structure of food at the molecular level. And that's why many discuss the harm of the microwave oven for human health, which is already weakened due to the influence of negative external factors.

What is the reason for the dangers of the device?

harm the microwave oven myth

Dangerous radiation should also be considered because,that powerful waves are capable of affecting a person who is near the operating device. The danger increases if there is a malfunction in the device or the housing is damaged. Naturally, the developers say that the microwave is absolutely harmless. From microwave beams, they say, protects the hermetic case with the door, which is equipped with a special mesh.

Russian scientists after severalstudies have confirmed the harm of the microwave oven for human health. It can be applied due to a long time near the operating device. Among the probable problems are:

  1. Deformation of blood and lymph.
  2. Disturbances occurring in nerve impulses in the cerebral cortex.
  3. Disturbances affecting the internal potential of cell membranes.
  4. Destruction of nerve endings, as well as disruption of the nervous system as a whole.
  5. Risk of malignant tumors.

Why change at the molecular level in the product?

Harmful microwave oven for children

What else can be said about the harm of the microwave ovenfor good health? Virtually all products that were exposed to microwave radiation had carcinogens in their composition. The nutritional value of food was reduced by about 60%. What can lead to the use of the irradiated product?

  1. Disturbances of the digestive system, as well as metabolic disorders, can occur.
  2. The immune system may be weakened. This is due to changes in the lymph glands and serum.
  3. Free radicals are formed, which provoke the development of cancer cells and disrupt the body's functions.

How to reduce the degree of harmfulness?

Is it possible to reduce the harm of the microwave oven forhealth? Regardless of the large number of arguments from scientists and opponents of this device, many people still use this invention. They trust him not only the cooking process, but also his health. Prove that it is harmful, useless. And if you decide to use a microwave oven and then you should listen to some recommendations. With their help, you can reduce the harm of the microwave oven for children and adults.Harmful Microwave Photo

Recommendations for using the device

  1. Install the device on a flathorizontal surface that will be about 90 cm above the floor. The distance between the equipment and the wall must not be less than 15 cm. From the edge of the surface to the device should be more than 10 cm.
  2. Do not block any ventilation openings.
  3. If there are no products inside, then you can not press the power button. If the weight of food is less than 200 g, then it is not necessary to put it in the oven.
  4. Harm to the microwave oven on human healthcan also be affected by the fact that some people have a desire to cook in the device eggs in the shell. Accordingly, the product explodes. For this reason, the door may come off. In the event that the egg did not explode in the device, it could happen in the hands.
  5. The explosion can occur even if it was decided to heat a simple metal jar.
  6. The microwave oven should be made of thick glass or heat-resistant plastic.


harm the microwave oven to human health

These are just simple measures that will allowreduce the harm of the microwave oven. Photo, video, other recommendations and reasoning about the work of the device - all this at the present stage is quite popular among people. But not everyone is able to abandon the microwave. And in many respects this is due to the saving of time that it gives.

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