Has man died?

Sadly, our life cannot last forever. Despite the achievements of civilization, no one is immune from accidents. Television every day "pleases" us, reporting on all sorts of disasters and private crimes. Therefore, each person should know how to provide first aid, and how to find out if a person has died. This knowledge can be useful if you suddenly witnessed an accident, for example: a person falling from a great height, a road accident or an industrial accident, drowning, and similar disasters. In such cases, injuries sustained in an accident can be a threat to human life: damage to the skull, chest, abdomen, etc.

Dead or alive

  • The appearance of the victim. A person who is a victim of an accident may be completely unconscious, without giving any signs of life, be completely immobile and not respond to the appeal to him. The first thing to do is to determine if a person has died. If the victim is alive, there is always a chance to save him.
  • Determine the presence of a pulse. The work of the heart is an important indicator of the presence of life in a person. After the cessation of the heart, the supply of oxygen and vital substances to the organs stops, which inevitably leads to death. To determine whether the heart is beating, you need to probe the pulse. The presence of a pulse is the main indicator of the work of the heart, since physiologically it is the oscillation of the walls of blood vessels in consequence of the impulse from the contracting heart. Pulses are most likely to be detected on the temporal, femoral, or carotid arteries. In this case, you should not rely on the radial artery, where after the injuries received, the pulse is not always palpable.
  • Find out if a person is breathing. The presence of respiration can be determined visually by periodic movements of the chest. If this is not possible, it can be determined by touch. The most reliable method of determining whether a person is breathing is a well-proven method with a mirror. It is enough to bring its surface to the nose. If the victim is breathing - the mirror surface is sure to sweat.
  • Test the reaction of the pupil. In a living person, the pupils always react to the amount of light.To establish the presence of the reaction of the pupil, you need to bring to him a ray of light of a flashlight. If after this the pupil narrowed, and after you covered the daylight with your palm, the pupil expanded, then the person is alive.

Having convinced that the person is alive, it is necessary to immediately provide the victim with medical assistance.

Request death certificate

In order to find out if a person with whom you haven’t seen or talked for a long time has died, you need to make a request to the Central Address Bureau of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate. Be sure to know the full name of the person, date of birth and the last known address of his residence. Information about the place of birth may also be useful. This service is paid.

The court may announce the death of a person in the event that for five years there is no information about the place of his actual stay. Also, if a person goes missing under life-threatening circumstances, he is declared dead. In the registry office at the place of residence you can get confirmation of death.

To find out if a person is alive, it may not be superfluous to contact the “Wait for me” program.

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