Heparin ointment: reviews. What is heparin ointment used for?

Nowadays, the pharmacological market is replenished almost every day with new expensive drugs, they are advertised on TV, in newspapers and magazines. Attracted by advertising, people rush to the pharmacy to buy a fashionable tool that promises the fastest healing from a particular disease. Meanwhile, in the same pharmacy, next to the expensive new preparations are old, time-tested, which are utter nonsense. Such drugs also include heparin ointment, reviews of which both doctors and patients characterize it as an extremely effective remedy for a number of diseases. Do you know what this drug is used for? Read our article, it tells about it.

General description of the drug "Heparin ointment"

So, let's say right away that heparin ointment, the price for which is very low, can give odds to any expensive newest ointments and gels.This anticoagulant drug has a strong antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

The most important component of the ointment is the substance heparin. That he is able to inhibit platelet aggregation, actively blocking the synthesis of thrombin; activates fibrinoliticheskie blood islands, inhibits the dynamics of hyaluronidase. In simple terms: this substance can thin the blood in the vessels and capillaries.

heparin ointment reviews

Heparin slowly and gradually (which ensures a long-term effect of the drug) is released from the drug applied to the problem area, and it works by resolving the existing clots and preventing the formation of new ones. Heparin also relieves inflammation, which, for example, with thrombophlebitis plays a very important role.

The second most important element of heparin ointment is benzyl alcohol. It helps heparin to be absorbed, because it has vasodilating properties. The third working substance - anesthesin - relieves pain.

Indications for use

Here are some cases in which it is recommended to use the drug "Heparin ointment":

- from swelling and bruising;

- for bruises, injuries (in the case if the integrity of the skin is not broken);

- as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for thrombophlebitis;

- for the treatment of external hemorrhoids;

- with subcutaneous hematomas;

- with superficial mastitis;

- with lymphangitis;

- for the treatment of elephantiasis.

heparin ointment for edema

Heparin ointment can also be used to treat trophic ulcers of the lower extremities. At the same time, more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to diseased tissues due to the expansion of even the smallest capillaries, blood thinning and increase in its fluidity. These processes contribute to the healing of ulcers resulting from poor blood supply to the feet in atherosclerosis, diabetes, as well as chronic venous insufficiency. Warning: Do not apply ointment on open wounds - this causes bleeding.

Ways to use

And how to properly use the tool "Heparin ointment"? Indications for use, for example, are available. Suppose it is an injury in which a bruise was caused and a hematoma was formed.

Remember the important rule: you can not get smeared with heparin ointment immediately after injury - this can cause an effect,reverse expected. The blood in the damaged vessels should be clotted, untimely exposure to heparin will prevent it from doing so. Subcutaneous bleeding will last further, respectively, and the hematoma will only increase. It is recommended to start treatment with heparin ointment only the next day after injury.

The ointment is applied to the skin in a small amount and distributed over the area of ​​damage with circular light movements. These manipulations can be performed twice a day. It is enough to get the result of a course of treatment from 3 to 5 days, depending on the severity of the damage.

heparin ointment Price

If with bruises, self-treatment with heparin ointment is quite possible, then with thrombophlebitis it is best done under the supervision of a doctor. Improper use of the drug can create the risk of a blood clot, which is very life-threatening.

Precautions and contraindications

Heparin ointment is easy to use, so you may get the impression that it is a completely harmless drug. This is not true! In some cases, the use of ointment is contraindicated. You can not use this tool in the following cases:

  • Disorders in the process of blood coagulation.
  • Thrombocytopenia;
  • The appearance of ulcers and the development of necrotic processes in the area of ​​thrombophlebitis.
  • Increased sensitivity of the body to the active ingredients of the drug.

pharmacy heparin ointment

It is not recommended to use heparin ointment together with some other drugs: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren, Indomethacin, etc.), with some antibiotics (for example, Tetracycline Ointment), with drugs for allergies.

Side effects

Fortunately, this drug has very few unpleasant side effects. These are possible allergic reactions and skin hyperemia (in some people).

Heparin ointment: reviews

If you try to find negative reviews about this tool, then such an attempt is likely to fail. We, in any case, did not manage to find bad responses about the preparation "Heparin ointment". Reviews are completely positive. People share their stories about how inexpensive medicine helps them in the treatment of varicose veins, relieves pain, swelling for injuries, etc.

In this regard, the messages of pharmacists are very interesting: they write that, despite the fact that the pharmacy chain has many newer drugs with properties similar to heparin ointment, many people ask for it.Doctors also do not forget about this tool and still readily dispense it to their patients as a reliable medicine that can really help.

troksevazin or heparin ointment

Often, those suffering from swelling of the legs and varicose veins ask the question: "What works better - Troxevasin or heparin ointment?" Well, firstly, “Troksevazin” is an imported gel, which is several orders of magnitude more expensive than our ointment, and secondly, these two drugs act approximately equally, so if the doctor did not make a special indication, then you can choose other, depending on the capacity of the budget. There is a point of view that with the help of "Troxevazin" it is possible to get rid of edema more quickly, and the heparin ointment copes with hematomas more quickly. In some cases, doctors prescribe both drugs together. This suggests that they are able to complement and strengthen the actions of each other.

We, on our part, want to give advice: when, in case of serious diseases, the question of the choice of a particular drug arises, it is best not to rely on the reviews of outsiders or even close people, but to seek advice from doctors.

The use of heparin ointment for cosmetic purposes

Women have a special love for the drug "Heparin ointment." Reviews on how this tool helps them maintain the beauty and youthful skin of the face are available in many ladies' forums. It turns out that even professional cosmetologists do not object to such an unconventional use of this drug, but the official instructions do not state that it can be used for such purposes.

Nevertheless, heparin ointment is a real gift for the face. It is able to smooth wrinkles, tighten the oval, improve skin color, rejuvenate it. Apparently, this effect is achieved because the active ingredients of the drug improve blood circulation and the nourishment of skin cells with oxygen, as a result of which its condition becomes noticeably better.

And women assure that if there are dark under-eyes, then in this case also heparin ointment will help. Under the eyes, the drug is applied in a thin layer with very light movements, so as not to stretch the delicate skin. This procedure is permissible to conduct no more than two times a day. Ladies say that it is quite enough to get rid of bruises and bags under the eyes.

heparin eye ointment

This effect is quite understandable, because heparin is a good decongestant, activator of metabolic processes in tissues, and at the same time it has absorbable properties.Many even seriously discuss the question of whether heparin can dissolve acne. It is unlikely that the possibilities of the ointment are so wide. This problem is best solved with the help of agents prescribed by a dermatologist.

We remind you - we give here reviews of those who used heparin ointment for cosmetic purposes and got good results. Those who wish to learn from their experience need to remember that the ointment can cause local allergic reactions in some people. So before you begin to smear her face, you need to make sure that the skin is well tolerated by the medicine. To do this, you can first apply the drug to a small area of ​​skin and watch the result.

Heparin ointment: price

Our article has already mentioned several times that heparin ointment is an inexpensive tool. And what is its specific value? We conducted a small monitoring of prices in online pharmacies and we can say that today they range from 40 to 90 rubles. for a tube of ointment 25 g. As you can see, the range of prices is quite large. This is caused by the fact that the drug is manufactured by different companies: Green Oak Wood, Altaivitamin, Biosintez, Nizhpharm, Belmedpreparaty, therefore, the cost of their products is not the same. In addition, each pharmacy chain performs its own trade cheats.

Heparin Facial Ointment


What other drugs can a pharmacy offer? "Heparin ointment" has the following analogs:

  • "Lioton 1000".
  • "Dolobene".
  • Heparin.
  • "Hepatrombin".
  • "Heparoid".
  • Trombogel.
  • "Lavenum".
  • Trombless.
  • "Wobenzyme."
  • "Proktozan".
  • "Troxevasin".


We introduced you to the remarkable domestic drug "Heparin Ointment", told about its properties and about the feedback from people whom this tool helps to solve many problems. We hope that this information will be useful to our readers and readers. I wish you happiness and health!

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