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Christmas Tree - 2016
I asked Ustyugov to order an artificial Christmas tree on the Internet: expensive, Dutch, one and a half meters, with already built-in flashlights. Purely symbolic, so that the holiday gave it.
Vladimir ordered twice as high and ten times more expensive:
- What do you bring dwarfs to your house every year, Stanislav Yuryevich? The Christmas tree should be enchanting, as in the Kremlin!
In the Kremlin, so in the Kremlin. In the afternoon, they brought a three-meter spruce in a drawer, which rather resembled a large-sized wardrobe. Six brought it, but I could not move this coffin alone - the number of branches inside exceeded three thousand two hundred pieces. They blocked the entire corridor, blocking the approach to the intercom and to the door.
In the evening, Ustyugov and Igor Larin came to collect the Christmas tree. All branches were of different lengths and different colors - that is, labeled at the base with different colored stickers, for ease of assembly according to the scheme.
Christmas Tree - 2016
They collected exactly four hours. Very soon, the beloved director forgot that this was not a rehearsal and started yelling at us.
Shouted that we are doing everything slowly, that we will not be taken to China to work.
What we fool, badly straighten the branches, do not feed so much, rejoice a little, walk crookedly.
That we are stupid and blind, so only very sick people can confuse colors and sizes.
And so that we do not dare to walk on the carpet, on which there is a garland, because we can crush light bulbs with our big feet.
He forbade me to stand on a chair and dress up the top, said that I would definitely fall down, fill up the Christmas tree, get upset, I will have a heart attack, but he doesn’t need it at all. He entrusted the touching act to Larin, who, although tall, didn’t reach the top ...
Christmas Tree - 2016
The beloved leader calmed down, only when we, having already drunk for his infinite talent, gave him an album with pornographic drawings of Eisenstein. Probably, it would have been necessary to drink earlier, but when we were drunk we definitely would not have collected ...
In general, Ustyugov is a genius, the tree really turned out to be enchanting. She took exactly half the room, so now the sofa does not fold out and guests overnight in the next month, I do not expect that is also a big plus.

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