Highest grade rudeness

There is a type of women who do not really understand when they are bullied or tested for their strength. In some cases, a single person may test a woman’s ability to think or have a sense of humor.

A comment with mockery received from an intelligent man always means that in the overwhelming majority of cases, he cannot be accused of rudeness or avoiding an answer. For example, if in the photo he is depicted shooting, and the woman, of course, only to start a conversation with him, asks: “What is the aim of shooting?” He can answer: “This is a target located 10 meters from the weapon that I hold. It would seem that he answered her question, moreover, did not say a single rude word and seemed to be talking on the subject.
But the question was “Why are you shooting,” and not “What?”! Most likely, she expected to receive an answer, like: “Dear Katya, thank you for asking! In this photo I am at the recreation center "Vostok", I decided to try something new for myself, until I missed such beautiful girls without the companyhow are you! ”But his answer turned out to be such a cunning mockery that she would hang for a long time and would not even understand that he was ... nahamil to her.

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