History of football and English football clubs

England - the country in which football appeared. A game that captured the minds and hearts of millions of fans around the world. It is not by chance that English football clubs remain one of the strongest in Europe. Many of them have already celebrated the centenary, not ceasing to please their fans.

At the origins

Many modern researchers argue thatSimilar to football games were back in ancient China and the Inca tribes. However, more reliable information sends us all the same to medieval England. Football then, of course, was very different from the current one: there were no unified rules, the games were organized spontaneously and often turned into scuffles. It came to the point that King Edward III even tried to ban matches, calling football more dangerous and useless entertainment than archery.

English football clubsIn the XIX century the situation changed dramatically. At first you could play with your hands and feet. Klyuchevskaya date - 1863, when for the first time a single set of rules was adopted. Here among fans of football there was a split. The most important was the decision to ban playing with hands. Some agreed with this, others became the ancestors of rugby.

The first championship

Name of English football clubsThe English football league is the oldest in the world. It was founded in 1888. In the first season 12 teams took part, the competitions were held in two rounds. Champion was the club "Preston North End", now playing in the championship of the football league (the second most important tournament).

Only 4 teams are participants of the firstchampionship, which this year will perform in the Premier League. This is the "West Bromwich Albion", "Everton", "Burnley" and "Stoke City". It is worth noting that the name of English football clubs does not change with such frequency, as it often happens here. Most of the collectives are called the same as 100 years ago.

The oldest tournament in the world

And yet the very first tournament in the history of footballwas not the championship, and the FA Cup. His first rally took place in the season of 1871/72. Initially, 15 teams were nominated for the draw, but 3 of them subsequently withdrew their candidatures.

Football clubs of the English Premier LeagueFinal took place in London at the stadium "KenningtonOval". In the decisive match met "Wanderers" (a team from London that did not live up to our days) and "Royal Enginers", which consisted of royal engineers of the British Army. Observed the final of the first tournament in the history of football 2 thousand spectators. The outcome of the confrontation decided the only goal Morton Betts in the 15th minute, brought the trophy to the capital club.

An interesting fact: as a defender, Betts was the only England team-mate to play as a goalkeeper. In 1877, the meeting with the Scots ended in failure - 1: 3, as Betts's career in the team.

Marks of Excellence

Unlike the names that remainedunchanged, the emblems of English football clubs were subject to change. In this case, the basic elements, as a rule, were preserved. For example, a canary on the logo of "Norwich" or a cock on the coat of arms of "Tottenham".

Emblems of English football clubsFans of symbolism attach great importance. Team nicknames are most often associated with animals or items depicted on logos. Logos of English football clubs are very diverse. It is important for them and the existence of a motto. At the same "Tottenham" he says: "To decide is to do." To do their job, that is, to become champions, the "spurs" have so far only succeeded twice. And the last time - in already in 1961.


The most titled club in England today remains"Manchester United". The first title they won back in 1908, and the last one - in 2013. In its history, the team became the winner of the championship of England 20 times and 15 times won silver medals.

English football clubs listEnglish football clubs that succeededget the main trophy, enter the hall of fame "most football" of Europe. In total, such teams are 24. Among them are those who are today leaders of not only national but also European football, and those who have long played in the lower leagues.

If you count to what city most oftenthe winners brought the coveted trophy, then here the undisputed leader will be Liverpool. The same team, along with "Everton" became champions 27 times. And the "Manchester United" and "Manchester City" for two only 24 titles.

New story

Since 1992, English football has opened a newpage of its history. From now on, the best English football clubs play in the Premier League. It is played by 20 teams. By right this tournament is considered the most popular and profitable sports championship in the world.

The prerequisites for its appearance were quite a few. The main one is financial. Its founders decided to get out of the world's oldest football league to make a big profit, primarily by selling rights to television.

In the first season of 1992/93, the tournament wasparticipation of 22 teams. The champion with a big advantage was Manchester United, ahead of Birmingham Aston Villa immediately by 10 points. The season abounded with big names. The opening of the season recognized the Welshman Ryan Giggs, the top scorer was Teddy Sheringham, who upset rivals 22 times. On the field shone Eric Cantona (then still in the "Leeds").

As many experts note, football clubsThe English Premier League was very distanced from the teams from other divisions. This is noticeable by the level of the game, and by income. At the same time they are unhappy with such successes not only at home, but also far beyond its borders. So, it was recently announced that the popularity of English football negatively affects the interest in the national championship. When English football clubs play, attendance of matches of local teams falls, and talented players only dream about getting to Foggy Albion.

New Champion

The last season of the English Premier League gave an incredible surprise. The trophy went to a modest team, "Leicester", which had never won the gold medal of the championship before.

"Lester" - one of the oldest English clubs,founded in 1884. However, more than a century ago, the main achievement before this season were silver medals in the distant 1929. Then the "fox" (the so-called team of fans) took second place, losing only one point to "Wensde" from Sheffield. About this team now few people remember, a similar fate befell and many other English football clubs. The list of achievements of "Leicester" really opened only last season.

logos of English football clubsIn the 2015/16 season, "Leicester" from the first roundssettled down in the group of leaders, but for a long time was not perceived as a real contender for the title. For some time, "Leicester" was able to lead, giving first place first to Manchester City, and then to London's Arsenal. However, after the victory in the 23rd round, the "foxes" again headed the standings and nobody gave the first line to the very end. Season ended with a really amazing performance, losing just 3 meetings out of 38, and this is in one of the strongest leagues in the world.

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