History of success

I am sure that each of us dreams in one moment to earn such a quantity of money in order to never work at all later. The basis of such a dream is the real success stories of many people who, especially without straining, fell into the stream or simply threw off a big hit in front of thousands of potential potential lucky people. Want to tell how this can be done?
June 30 European LotteryEuroMillionsconducts the first super-rally this year, at stake whose firstsuper prize of 100 million eurosas a first prize and fantastic secondary prizes. Everyone can take part in a super-draw, no matter where you are!
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EuroMillions super draws are held only 2-3 times a year. Their peculiarity is that regardless of the previous jackpot, the starting point in such a draw is€ 100 000 000that many times exceeds the base jackpot of the super-rallies of recent years. As long as local lotteries do not play such amounts, it is at least unwise to miss the opportunity to hit the super raffle jackpot this Friday.
The EuroMillions super-draw is a special draw that is held several times a year, with a guarantee of a huge jackpot. The news of a super-rally can be announced at any time, and as a rule, coincides in time with some special event. It replaces the standard draws of the EuroMillions lottery, and accumulates until someone is lucky to rip it off. The starting super jackpot jackpot is set to€ 100 million, which is many times higher than the EuroMillions base jackpot and turns a super draw into an event that you would not want to miss!
How can Russians participate in EuroMillions?
EuroMillions rules state that anyone who has an official lottery ticket can become a participant of the draw. It can be purchased on the website of the English National Lottery, being a resident of the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man. When it comes to offline purchase at a local supermarket or a specialized lottery kiosk, EuroMillions does not make such demands. From this it follows that citizenship, place of residence and any other socio-demographic characteristics that can limit the number of people wishing to participate in the lottery,don't matter.
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Russian has already hit the jackpot! Become the next winner from Russia
We are sincerely proud of our lucky from Russia! His path to success was easy to laugh: a simple driver from the Moscow region purchased a ticket for the Austrian state lottery Austria - Lotto online and hit a terrific jackpot824 thousand euros.To do this, S. did not even have to leave the limits of the Russian Federation, except after winning - we organized our winner a flight to Austria, where he officially declared his rights to a stunning win and get it in his hands. The story of a simple driver from the Moscow region will not leave anyone indifferent. Disappointed with the Russian lotteries, the future millionaire decided to try to buy tickets for foreign lotteries and very soon this decision paid off with interest.
Less than a year since he acquired his first ticket for a foreign lottery online, how luck smiled at him!
Want to follow his example?
Try your luck in EuroMillions super-raffle, and if you are lucky you will become our next hero!
Participating in the EuroMillions super draw is as easy as participating in the regular draws of the lottery, which take place twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.All you need to do is to buy official EuroMillions tickets online and select five main numbers (1-50) and two “lacquer star” numbers (1-12). You can participate in EuroMillions with a systematic form,which will greatly increase your chances of winning the jackpotand secondary prizes! Also, at your service to this large-scale event a syndicate for 1000 fields is opened - this is immediately 1000 chances to hit the jackpot!
The super draw will take place on Friday, June 30 at 21:00 GMT (01:00 GMT).
Why do we love EuroMillions?
EuroMillions is the first and largest lottery in Western Europe, in which nine countries participate, not to mention the fact that EuroMillions plays unprecedented jackpots from€ 17 million to € 190 million, and several times a year holds generous super jokes with a starting jackpot€ 100 millionIn the last three super-sweepstakes, winnings were€ 168 million(refugee from Kosovo in Belgium),€ 163 million(Portugal),€ 129 million(Great Britain). The next opportunity to try your luck in the European lottery will fall this Friday. And we really want to dilute the list of countries of the outcome of the winners of Russia!
Let us leave aside healthy skepticism, as well as youthful maximalism, and turn to simple facts. People win the lottery.It happens everywhere! Ordinary Soviet citizens won cars, what can we say about the winners in the leading online lotteries - a simple driver from the Moscow region became a millionaire by playing the Austrian lottery online, a Canadian resident bounced $ 1 million in Powerball online, or an Iraqi who won the Oregon Megabucks lottery at $ 6 4 million.
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Participate in the lottery
Wish you luck)
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