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The first mention of German beer dates back to the XIII century. It will take a lot of time, and the foamy drink will become the real property of the republic. The Germans believe that drinking beer is a real art, which can be mastered, but only by following certain rules that are transmitted in each family from generation to generation. The drink must be served chilled, and it is poured into a glass at a certain angle. In our article we will look at the history of Holsten beer. Photos of this drink, its description, composition, taste and customer reviews will be presented below.

Brand history

The Holsten brewing company was founded in 1879 in Germany, in the small town of Altona, which today is one of the seven districts of Hamburg. The name of the province of Holstein, where the plant was located, comes from one of the three tribes that inhabited these southern German lands in ancient times. From the Old Saxon language, Holsten translates as "forest dweller".

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The first tasting of Holsten beer, brewed at the newly opened factory, took place in 1880. And even then the brand logo, like today, was a knight on horseback. Market expansion was carried out not only through the construction of new plants, but also through the acquisition of others. Only until 1924, another 7 breweries were incorporated into Holsten.

However, the brand strategy was not always winning and successful. In 2004, the Holsten brand was purchased by a Danish brewery. But despite this, in Hamburg beer of this brand is still being produced at one of the operating factories and continues to hold the leading positions in the market (9th position in the rating).

Holsten beer producer in Russia and in the world

Since 2004, Holsten has been owned by one of the largest brewing companies in the world - Carlsberg Breweries (Denmark). Almost 75% of the total sales of this concert accounted for foreign markets.

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In Russia, Holsten beer is produced by the Baltika Brewery with its headquarters in St. Petersburg, which is also part of the Carlsberg Group. Baltika is one of the largest companies in Russia, owning 8 plants located in the largest cities of the country.The share of the company is almost 33% of the total domestic market. This is the undoubted leader, producing more than 40 regional and national beers and 9 brand. Most of them are successfully exported to other countries.

In Russia, Baltika Brewery produces the classic Holsten lager beer Premium. It is very popular both in the domestic market and in the countries to which it is exported.

Description, composition, nutritional value

Holsten Premium beer is widely represented in the domestic market. This is a classic bright lager, the production of which preserves all the traditions of brewing. Many connoisseurs of this foam drink are interested in the question of how many degrees Holsten beer contains. As with most varieties of this brand, the amount of alcohol in the Premium product is 4.8%.

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Light lager is made from purified drinking water, malt and hop products. Caloric content of the drink is 41 g per 100 g of product. The carbohydrate content of beer does not exceed 3.3 g.

Foamy beverage is produced in different packages: in 500 ml cans and 470 ml glass bottles.

Taste qualities

The aroma of the drink is characterized by subtle notes of hops and malt, which can be felt in taste. And, most importantly, there are no canning odors, which is very important for a frothy drink.

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Beer "Holsten" has an amber shade. It is transparent, bright and clean. The technology of its preparation involves the use of light malt. Drinking such a beer is quite light and soft, but it has a rather pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste. A positive impression of this feature of the variety does not spoil.

Special attention deserves foam - resistant, dense. When spilled, its height reaches 4 cm, and after a minute it sets to 2.5 cm, which is an excellent indicator of quality. The density of the foam is still quite high.

Beer that has a rich taste and pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste, goes well with dishes of beef, lamb, pork and poultry. It is not recommended to serve with cheese and fish.


Beer "Holsten" Premium, which is produced by the brewing company "Baltika", is not the only brand of the Holsten brand. In addition to it, the range of the brand includes many other varieties of the famous foamy drink.Imagine the main ones:

  1. Holsten Pilsener is a light beer with a pleasant golden color, light taste and excellent aroma. This is a classic pilsener whose density is 11.2-11.8%, and the alcohol content reaches 4.8% (depending on the country of production). Today this beer is the most popular among the entire range of the famous German brand.
  2. Holsten Edel - Pilzner - light beer that is lightly and gently drunk, but contains 4.9% alcohol.
  3. Holsten Diät Pils - pilzner, which, despite the high amount of alcohol (4.9%), is positioned as a dietary product.
  4. Holsten Export is a strong light beer, each bottle of which contains 5.4% alcohol.
  5. Holsten Alkoholfrei - non-alcoholic light beer.
  6. Holsten Lemon - Radler, that is, something between a non-alcoholic beer and alcoholic. It is prepared on the basis of light beer and lemonade, contains 2.5% alcohol. Also available under the commercial name Holsten Cooler Lemon.
  7. Astra Urtyp - beer, with an alcohol content of 4.9%.
  8. Astra Rotlicht is a strong beer with 6% alcohol.
  9. Astra Original Hamburger Alsterwasser - beer with low alcohol content (2.5%).
  10. Grenzquell Pilsner is a famous frothy drink containing 4.9% alcohol.
  11. Lüneburger Pilsener is a traditional beer with an alcohol content of 4.9%.
  12. Moravia Pils - includes 4.9% alcohol.

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Each of the presented drinks has both its connoisseurs and opponents. On the feedback of tasters from the people tell on.

Positive reviews about beer "Holsten"

Firstly, it is worth noting that according to the results of laboratory studies, the beer presented meets the generally accepted quality requirements. Extractive indicators of the initial wort make it possible to establish that the drink is obtained by natural fermentation of the ingredients. The proportion of alcohol in the beer "Holsten" corresponds to the information stated on the packaging.

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As for the reviews, they are almost 90% positive. In Holsten beer, connoisseurs of the famous beer drink liked the following:

  • light taste with a pleasant aftertaste;
  • natural composition;
  • no smell of alcohol, only pleasant aromas of hops and malt;
  • affordable price;
  • high and dense foam, like a Holsten draft beer;
  • excellent design and quality packaging;

The ratio of price and quality of this drink, most buyers have called the best.

Negative reviews

Some beer connoisseurs, after tasting the frothy drink presented above the brand, had a negative opinion. Buyers did not like the following:

  • does not have a pronounced taste, too light, even empty;
  • unpleasant aftertaste with bitterness;
  • instability of manufacturing technology;
  • domestic productsmanufacturerdoes not go to any comparison with the German original.

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Most buyers said that earlier this beer was more delicious. They believe that the production of this drink began to use low-quality products, which immediately led to a decrease in its quality.

How much does Holsten beer cost?

In general, the brand of beer presented above is designed for the mass consumer and there is nothing unique in this drink. It is reviews of such a neutral nature that leave most Russian buyers who have tried a product of domestic production. But there is a bottle of this drink quite inexpensive - only 80 rubles. If you buy a foamy drink at a promotional discount, it will be even cheaper, that is, no more than 50 rubles per 500 ml.

At the same time, in Germany the price of a beer of a famous brand will cost several times higher. Its quality is also much better, the taste is richer and more interesting, no bitter aftertastes and deviations from technology.That is why this classic light beer is so popular among the Germans. In the rating of frothy drinks in Germany, it deservedly takes the 9th place.

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