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Noodles, a recipe which should be in eachmistress, - the dish is surprisingly ancient. There are many of its varieties, but the main components remain unchanged. Today, it is not a problem to buy any pasta in supermarkets or small shops. However, home-made noodles will always be tastier and more useful.

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How to cook homemade noodles? The test recipe is quite simple. In a deep plate we pour a hill of flour (100-110 g) and make a depression in it. There we break two village eggs (with the taste of the finished product, and its color, it's not the same), salt to taste and thoroughly mix the dough. Ready lump should be very thinly rolled out. After that, the dough layer must be rolled up, sprinkled with flour. Cover the blank with polyethylene and leave for a while.

The taste is amazing has homemade noodles. A recipe with a photo of the dish is presented in this article. Preparation requires some effort and time, but the result is worth it. Serve it must also be able to. We recommend that you boil the chicken at the same time, preferably home-cooked. Since such a bird is brewed much longer, you can use a pressure cooker.

homemade noodle recipe with photo

Noodles, the recipe of which we offer, is being preparedquite simply. Take the onion, carrots, one Bulgarian pepper, all finely chop. Vegetables should be browned in olive oil. It is to passerize, and not to fry, then the taste of the dish turns out to be more saturated. In addition, it retains much more useful substances.

So, we have broth, from which we pull outchicken, we separate meat from bones and skins, finely crumb. In the broth add salt to taste, prepared vegetables, as well as fresh potatoes (five pieces), diced. While the potatoes are being prepared, we remember where our noodles are. The recipe for the preparation of the dough was presented above, but now it is necessary to cut the layer with strips of arbitrary width. Since the noodles are all in flour, it is first recommended to dip it into a separate bowl, which is poured with boiling water, and then put in soup. So at us it will turn out transparent as a tear the first dish, instead of a mashed purée.

Brewed noodles about fifteen minutes. Then you can add spices to your discretion, for example: one clove, 3-4 pieces of peppercorns, half a teaspoon of ground pepper, seasoning for chicken, several leaves of bay leaf. It is not necessary to eat such a soup at once: it is desirable that it is sown under the lid for a quarter of an hour after it was removed from the fire.

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Noodles, the recipe of which is described above, can be andan independent dish. For example, the prepared layer is cut into strips and boiled in boiling salted water until ready. You can serve it, sprinkled with olive oil, sprinkled with grated cheese, fried minced meat or onions. Especially fragrant is a dish with toasted slices of bacon, tomatoes and basil.

Also, home-made noodles can be cooked and stored for future use,However, it must be thoroughly cleaned from flour and dried at room temperature. It will dry for about two days, but the oven can greatly reduce this process. You can store noodles in a tightly closed jar or in a linen bag in a dry place.

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