Homemade knives. How to make a good knife

The knife is an indispensable tool that is needed in any household. Choosing the right product so that it serves for a long time and efficiently is not very simple. However, you have the opportunity to make homemade knives that will not be inferior in quality to the shops. Consider this question in more detail.

The advantages of homemade knives

homemade knives

Among the advantages of homemade products are the following:

1. Free choice of the type of knife.

2. The use of scrap materials, which makes the cost of the finished element below.

3. The possibility of self-design knife handle.

4. Satisfaction of creative potential.

In principle, homemade knives, if you follow the manufacturing technique, are almost as good as industrial products. Naturally, all stages of production at home should be strictly followed. Also note that in a factory, instead of people, almost all actions are performed by machines. With self-production you have to work a lot with your hands.

Varieties of products

how to make a knife

Before you make homemade knives, you need to decide what you need them for. So, we can distinguish these types of products:

  • hunting;
  • fighting;
  • household

A feature of such products is that the first and second types require permission if, of course, you buy them in a store. Also, homemade knives vary in shape and length of the blade, according to the material used for manufacturing. The production process is the same for everyone. Sometimes there are only some nuances.

How to choose the necessary materials?

knife at home

Homemade knives to build is not very difficult. However, this is hard work, which requires a lot of patience and time. Before starting work you need to pick up the materials that will be useful to you in the process. So, you should cook:

1. Steel, the thickness of which reaches 2 mm and more. A file or cable may be used instead.

2. Wood or other material from which the handle can be made.

3. Varnish (if wood was chosen anyway).

4. Rivets for fixing the handle.

5. Fine sandpaper.

The need for additional material, of course, may arise. It all depends on what type of product you want to make.

Very interesting is the knife from the cable.For example, you have the opportunity to get a very original handle from the shank. However, the most difficult step is the welding of separate wires, of which, in fact, consists of a cable. However, this process for a beginner without experience will be very difficult. From the first time you can not make such a product.

More preferred is blacksmith welding. That is, the cable needs to be heated, sprinkle with borax, heat again, and then start hitting the material with a heavy hammer. The procedure is physically difficult.

What tool will you need?

what to make a knife

Now let's talk more about what exactly you will work. In order to make homemade knives, you will need such a tool:

  • The vice. Thanks to them, you can fix the workpiece for further polishing and sharpening.
  • Scissors for metal or jigsaw with the appropriate blade.
  • Hammer (if you use a cable or file).
  • Gas burner or other equipment for the implementation of metal hardening.
  • Drill and drill of the appropriate size. This is necessary to secure the handle with a rivet.
  • Sharpening machine with different nozzles.Naturally, you can apply sandpaper, but it will not be as effective, and the work will be laborious.

And you will need sketches of knives that you can draw yourself. At the same time pay special attention to all parameters if you are going to build military weapons. In addition, now you can find a ready-made drawing that will meet your requirements.

Step-by-step instructions for making

how to make a good knife

Before you make a knife, you need to thoroughly prepare. If the drawing and all the necessary materials with the tools are, then you can begin work. And you can do everything in the apartment or in the garage. However, note that the work is noisy and dusty.

Naturally, before work the metal should be hardened. So, the manufacturing process itself consists of the following steps:

1. Cutting the workpiece. Its length is 20-25 cm, and its width is 2-3 mm. You will need a vice to work. First, a rectangle of the given dimensions is cut out on the steel. Next, it draws the outline of the future knife.

2. Processing of the workpiece on the grinding machine. And it is necessary to work with the edges. As a result of the procedure, you should get the division of the future knife into two parts: the handle and the blade.

3. Roughing on the plane.Naturally, you should first choose the type of sharpening. It is bladed (used in the manufacture of hunting knives) and shaving (for the production of household goods).

4. How to make a knife, its preparation, you have already figured out. Now proceed to the manufacture of the handle. For work, you can use wood, plexiglas or other material that can be easily processed. To begin with, it should be marked and cut. Next is the hole for the rivet. Now the handle can be machined with a grinding machine to give it the appropriate shape.

5. Using emery paper, the product should be sanded. Naturally, polishing is also required.

6. Sharpening and grinding the blade. This action is performed using a machine and sandpaper.

7. The final stage is the polishing of the product. To do this, take felt and special paste.

In this way, combat knives and ordinary household products are produced.

Features of the manufacture of files

file knife

Now it is necessary to consider the manufacturing process using other materials. For example, you will learn how to make a knife from a file.In principle, this process is practically no different from the instructions already given here. However, it has its own characteristics.

First of all, be aware that a knife from a file will turn out to be strong enough and of high quality, if everything is done correctly. For example, it is necessary to temper the workpiece so that it does not break and crumble.

It is very important not to forget to make a metal vacation. Thus, you will remove the internal stress in the workpiece, which can lead to its damage. In order for the future knife to be smooth and beautiful, an etching procedure is also needed. Pre-sharpening products can be made using the machine. But the finishing should be done with ordinary sandpaper.

How to harden the workpiece?

From what to make a knife, you already know. Now the sequence of the hardening procedure should be considered. So, first you need to properly warm up the workpiece at a temperature of 600-700 degrees. Hardening time - 4-6 hours. You can heat the product in the oven, in the stove or even on the gas stove. However, the latter option requires the construction of a special design above the burner, with which the temperature will be maintained.

Cool future knife with the oven.Periodically during tempering, you can sprinkle the product with salt. After cooling it is necessary to make a metal vacation. This procedure is very simple. It is necessary to place the blank in the oven, heated to 200 degrees and leave it for an hour and a half. Cool knife too there. After this, the quenching process will be completed.

As you can see, to build a knife at home is not so difficult.

Etching features

To complete the procedure, you will need:

  • The workpiece knife.
  • Capacity in which liquid will be poured. In this case, the workpiece must be placed in this vessel.
  • Common table salt.
  • Nail polish (color does not matter at all).
  • A means by which women remove manicures from nails. It will be required in order to subsequently process the knife.
  • Charger for mobile phone.

In principle, all this can be found at home. So the procedure will not be difficult and long. Note that the process itself is quite stormy. Therefore, choose a deep container.

It should be noted that this procedure is necessarily carried out if you want to get a beautiful pattern on the knife.

Features sharpening the finished product

knife sketches

This process is very important and requires a certain skill. Otherwise, you can simply spoil the workpiece or contribute to its breakage, the appearance of irregularities on the blade. Rough grinding should be done using a machine. It will save your time. However, do not overdo it.

Finishing should be done carefully. It is best to use an ordinary grindstone for this and carry out the whole procedure manually. After sharpening the blade is polished with a special paste and felt.

Useful tips

What to make a knife, we considered. But the procedure has a number of nuances that should be considered. The following tips will help you make a quality product that will actually be used.

1. If there are small irregularities or burrs on the workpiece, then process it with a file.

2. In order not to get hurt while installing the handle, you should wrap the blade with tape.

3. When choosing a material, try to pay attention to its evenness and the presence of microcracks. This can greatly affect the quality of the future product.

4. The descents of the blade need to withdraw very carefully.

5.If you decided to choose a tree for the handle, then you can use a regular floorboard.

6. Work on the manufacture of this product is quite noisy. Therefore, it is desirable to hold it in the garage, and not in the apartment. In addition, it is necessary to wear work clothes.

Now you know how to make a good knife at home. Good luck!

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