Hormone determination

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Hormone determination. In clinical practice, the functions of endocrine organs are judged by the concentration of hormones in the blood or by excretion in the urine. Highly sensitive. methods of analysis now allow us to determine the concentrations of hormones of order U-5— 1012mol / l and analyze in min. number of blood - 0.2-0.5 ml.

Determination of hormones in the blood.

In the diagnostic the purpose is to determine the concentration of hormones in plasma or serum (the latter is preferable, since extracting is easier from whey, it should be borne in mind that about 15-20% of the hormonal activity falls on the blood elements). To avoid the influence of fluctuations in the concentration of hormones during the day (circadian rhythms, "pulsating" release into the bloodgonadotropic hormones)peripheral blood for analysis should be taken at the same time: it is better in the morning from 8.00 to 9.00, on an empty stomach, under physiological conditions. rest. Almost all the hormones in the blood are in two forms - free and bound, and only the hormone in free form has a bio. activity.A significant limitation of determining the content of hormones in the blood is the possibility of sudden sharp fluctuations in their concentrations, as well as the complexity of research in the dynamics, which is associated with re-taking blood from a vein.

Determination of hormones in the urine.

Excretion of hormones in daily urine reliably characterizes the function of the endocrine organs. When it is impossible to collect urine daily (in young children, in pregnant women), it is permissible to determine the hormones in a portion of urine for 6, 8 or 12 hours. The results of determining the excretion of hormones can be influenced by the presence of certain hormonal and non-hormonal drugs nature (corticosteroids, synthetic analogues of estrogens, laxatives), as well as the presence of sugar in the urine. For the diagnosis of endocrine dysfunction in children and women in determining the excretion of hormones are used in DOS. biochem. methods.

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