Hotel Bali Mare 3 * (Bali, Greece): photos, review, service, tips and tourist reviews

Greece is a paradise which is very popular among tourists not only from Russia, but also from other countries of the world. It should be noted that there is a considerable number of decent hotels, offering guests from all over the world a decent rest in an exotic atmosphere. One of them - Bali Mare 3 *, which will be discussed further.

Bali Mare 3 *

general information

The hotel was built a relatively long time, in 1984, but despite this, at the moment it looks just amazing. The modern appearance of its territory is achieved due to the fact that it carries out regular work aimed at restoring and maintaining a good state of all that is on it. One of the last such renovations was made in 2014.

On a relatively small area of ​​Bali Mare 3 * (1000 sq. M.), There would seem to be everything that tourists need for a good rest: four buildings in which rooms are located, open areas, aquazone, even a small tropical garden.

Operators of the majority of travel agencies in Russia recommend visiting this place for an economical family vacation, since all the conditions that are provided here contribute to its favorable flow.


Speaking about the location of the hotel, most tourists who rest here recognize it as advantageous. Convenience is that not far from here there is a small village of Bali, in which representatives of the local population live. Here you can go for the most interesting shopping, as well as just get acquainted with the Greek sights and culture. If desired, tourists can also become visitors to bars and nightclubs that are available in the area.

As for the transport links, all of them are located at a relatively short distance from Bali Mare 3 * (Greece). In particular, the nearest bus stop is only 150 meters away, which can be reached on foot. On passing transport, you can reach almost any part of the village, as well as to nearby settlements. The airport is 40 km from the hotel. Many tourists consider this distance to be quite large and do not recommend trying to overcome it by taxi - this pleasure is expensive.Instead, most seasoned travelers are advised to use the transfer service that the hotel provides on a paid basis.

Among the negative reviews are often found the opinions of guests regarding the impressive distance from the hotel to the coastline - it is about half a kilometer. However, there is a considerable share of tourists who are not at all confused by this circumstance.

Not far from the considered hotel there are settlements where you can find a large number of entertainment. In particular, this is the previously mentioned village of Bali, as well as the city of Heraklion, which is located 50 km from here. Many guests prefer to rent a car, which is possible right in Bali Mare 3 * (Greece / Crete) and go on this vehicle there.

Bali Mare 3 * Greece


As for the accommodation of guests, it is produced in rooms that are located in four buildings. Since the last renovation, tourists, who prefer to spend their holidays here, have noticed that in most of the apartments the interior has been updated and the technical equipment has been significantly improved.

The total number of apartments in Bali Mare Villa 3 * is small - there are only 48 rooms. All of them are furnished in a modern way, all the furniture is new, made from quality material. As for the temperature conditions, then, according to the guests, they are also normal, as they can always be adjusted using the air conditioner installed in all apartments.

In any room of the hotel there is a bathroom in which there are all the conditions that are necessary to maintain the level of hygiene. In particular, from the plumbing is equipped with a shower, sink and bathroom. Bath accessories, of course, are provided free of charge.

All apartments that are in Bali Mare 3 * (Greece / Bali) are divided into two groups, depending on what kind of living conditions they offer: standard and family.

Bali Mare 3 * Bali


Standard group rooms are located on a relatively small area - 16 square meters. The furniture provided in them is designed for a couple of guests, however, if you wish, you can use the extra bed, presented in the form of a folding sofa, if you wish.As the main places for rest there are two single beds, which, if necessary, can be joined into one. If you wish to ensure the safety of personal belongings, tourists can fold them into small pedestals or in a wardrobe closet - such objects are also available in standard-type apartments.

Guests of this type of room can at any time use the refrigerator installed in it, which is provided free of charge. Often, tourists are watching satellite channels that are broadcast on large plasma screens installed in the apartment. Guests from Russia positive comments indicate that here you can find several Russian-language channels. If desired, tourists can rent a safe, which is able to ensure the safety of small but valuable things. The fee for its use is 10 euros per week.

As for room service, a couple of times a week in the apartment of the standard type is carried out cleaning, as well as the replacement of bed linen and bath accessories.

Bali Mare 3 * Greece Bali


Family-type apartments are most often chosen by those tourists who wish to spend a holiday in Bali Mare 3 * (Bali) with a child or a large group of friends.The guests of these apartments determine that their area is quite considerable - it is 32 square meters. The total area of ​​the apartments of this class is divided into two rooms, each of which is a bedroom. Some apartments of this type have open furnished terraces on which many tourists prefer to spend evenings and nights.

Each room has two beds, presented in the form of comfortable beds. With regard to their format, the attention of tourists are offered beds type TWIN, as well as single and double. As an additional, fifth bed here is a small sofa, which, if necessary, can be decomposed.

The guests of Bali Mare 3 *, who lived in the rooms of this type, often comment with positive comments on the presence of a small kitchen in the apartment. This is especially important for those guests who rest with the kids and constantly need conditions for preparing healthy and fresh food by themselves.

Bali Mare 3 * Crete

Conditions for children

As for the youngest guests, there are special conditions for them in Bali Mare 3 * (Crete / Bali).First of all, they are expressed in the presence of separate beds for children under the age of 11-12 years. It should also be noted that their installation is free of charge.

Some tourists consider it a negative point that the local catering establishment does not have a separate children's menu, but it does offer special chairs for toddlers. As for the nutrition of the child, it can be produced in the conditions of apartments, in the kitchenette.


When it comes to food in Bali Mare 3 *, in the reviews of tourists very often there are positive opinions about this point. First of all, vacationers say that a team of very talented chefs works in the kitchen of a local restaurant, which may surprise travelers with special notes of the dishes prepared by them. The menu of the main restaurant offers guests dishes prepared in the traditions of the Mediterranean and European cuisines. If we talk about the food system, then the tourists living in Bali Mare 3 *, enjoy the capabilities of the concept of "all inclusive" and can attend the buffet, served here during breakfast, dinner and lunch.

On the outdoor terrace, located within the aqua zone, there is a small bar in which tourists have the opportunity to treat themselves to fragrant desserts, fresh tropical fruits, as well as bright refreshing cocktails and snacks.


In especially hot and sunny days, the pool area, which is located in an open area, becomes very popular among tourists. In the large pool there is one slide on which guests can frolic. As for water, it is always clean in the niche, thanks to the automatic cleaning system installed in it.

Around the pool there is a sun terrace where guests can sunbathe. For their comfortable accommodation there are lounge chairs and large beach umbrellas.

If desired, staying in the aquazone, tourists can visit the local bar, where they can see cocktails and snacks.

Bali Mare Villa 3 *


Fans of an active lifestyle, staying in Bali Mare 3 * (Greece), have the opportunity to spend their time not only interesting, but also with health benefits. So, for this group of guests there is a large tennis court located under the open sky.The rent of the necessary equipment for the game is paid.

If desired, free of charge, tourists can visit the hall for the game. For fans of billiards in Bali Mare 3 * (Crete) a hall is equipped for this class with professional equipment.


Among the guests of the considered hotel, judging by the reviews of tourists, there are a considerable number of fans of a beach holiday. In their reviews, they talk about the fact that this place does not have its own area on the coastline. For the organization of this type of recreation, they recommend that all tourists go to the public beach, which is located across the street from the hotel. According to them, its territory is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest. If you wish, you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella.

It is here that tourists are offered a range of entertainment that attract the attention of fans of different types of water recreation. Especially popular among them are diving and surfing.

Bali Mare 3 * Greece Crete


In the reviews of travelers it is often possible to find opinions that the rest in the hotel in question is relatively inexpensive. In particular,for residents of the metropolitan region, the cost of a weekly tour for two to this place is about 75,000 rubles, which is quite acceptable for the majority of representatives of the Russian population. It should also be noted that the specified price includes not only accommodation and meals - in addition, it includes all transport costs in both directions, including the transfer from the point of arrival to the place of rest. If desired, tourists can include additional services in the general tour package, as well as excursions to local attractions. However, the majority of holidaymakers still recommend doing it, already staying in place - practice shows that directly in Greece, the cost of excursions is cheaper.

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