How and what is the treatment of chickenpox in children and adults?

Among children, chickenpox is the most common viral infection, but adults also often experience this pathology. In order to remove the discomfort caused by a rash characteristic of the disease, it is necessary to know what is the treatment of chickenpox and what will speed up the healing process. Therapy will differ slightly depending on the age of the patient.

Chickenpox: Description

Among the diseases transmitted by airborne droplets, chickenpox can be identified as a representative of the highly infectious group. The causative agent is a herpes virus called Varicella-Zoster. It combines two pathologies: chicken pox and herpes zoster (herpes). The first is typical for children, and the second is more common in older people.

The virus is unstable in environmental conditions and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is proved that the susceptibility of the human body to it is 100%, but if you go down with chickenpox once, then re-infection will not occur.The body produces a strong immunity (lifelong).

What is the treatment of chickenpox

In European countries, chickenpox outbreaks in children's groups react calmly and do not take drastic measures (quarantine). It is believed that a child should have a disease in preschool or adolescence, because adults are much harder to suffer viral pathology. Having found the characteristic signs, you should immediately consult a doctor, who will make the final diagnosis and tell you how to treat chickenpox at home (with a mild course) and prevent others from getting infected. Adult patients sometimes can not do without hospitalization.

Causes of Chicken Pox

The name of the disease itself speaks of the path of its spread - downwind, that is, it means airborne droplet transmission of the virus. The main reason for the development of chickenpox is contact with an infected person. The danger of infection appears even before the appearance of rashes on the body. Therefore, the incidence of children attending collective classes (kindergarten, school, circles of creativity) is significantly higher than that of adults.

Since chickenpox has viral etiology, a weak immune system allows it to quickly enter the body.In the autumn-winter period, the number of patients who applied with signs of illness for medical help, increases significantly. How to treat chickenpox and ease well-being, tell a qualified specialist, writing a regimen of therapy. Self-treatment can lead to complications, so even the use of traditional methods should be discussed with your doctor in advance.

Symptoms of chickenpox

The incubation period lasts 2–3 weeks, and during this time the disease does not manifest itself. Rarely, patients feel weakness, malaise. This is due to the transfer of the virus from the respiratory system to the lymph and damage to other organs. The day before the rash appears, the patient becomes dangerous to others. Prodromal period in children takes place in a blurred form, which in most cases does not allow detecting the disease in a timely manner. How much chickenpox is treated depends on the condition of the patient.

How to treat chickenpox

The first symptoms of chickenpox infection include:

  • The rapid rise in temperature to 39 ° (maybe less).
  • Simultaneously with a fever, a rash appears in the form of rare pink spots.
  • The appearance of vesicles with a clear liquid inside.
  • Itching.
  • Headache.
  • Loss of appetite.

In the first days of the disease rash may appear on the mucous surface of the oral cavity, in the genital area. As the disease progresses, the old vesicles dry up, and new papules form next to it. It is strictly forbidden to comb them in order to prevent infection and scarring.

Features of the disease in adults

The symptoms of chickenpox in adults are more pronounced, which significantly impairs the patient's well-being. Waves of rash can last up to 2 weeks. The high temperature lasts longer, intoxication of the body causes dizziness, photophobia, body aches. In this case, it is important to know how to treat chickenpox in adults. At home, it is not always possible to cope with some forms of infection (such as hemorrhagic, gangrenous, typical severe and generalized).

How to treat chickenpox in adults at home

Adults are more likely to suffer from the complications that chickenpox causes. For example, a rash on the cornea of ​​the eyes can lead to partial loss of vision. The virus can cause abnormalities in the development of the fetus at an early stage of pregnancy.

Chicken pox in children

The most susceptible to the varicella virus babies under 5 years old. Children with good immunity tolerate the disease easily, the rash may be slight, and the temperature does not rise at all. When the defense system is weakened, for example, after a long illness, taking antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs, the virus can give complications to the internal organs. Parents should always be alert and know how to treat chickenpox in childhood.

Congenital chickenpox is common in many babies whose mothers were infected with chickenpox a few days before birth, and the antibodies had not yet developed and got into the fetus. This is fraught with the development of pneumonia, encephalitis. Every third newborn baby with such complications dies.

If the mother of an infant has chickenpox before pregnancy, then you can not worry about the health of the baby. With milk, he will receive antibodies that protect the newborn from infection during the first months of life.

How to treat chickenpox in children at home?

If the ailment passes in a mild form, therapy may be performed on an outpatient basis, with the patient isolated.Hospitalization may be necessary for infants with a weakened immune system or in severe illness.

How to treat chickenpox at home correctly and without consequences? Only by following the instructions of the doctor. Parents should immediately realize that antibiotics in this situation give the child meaningless, because viral pathology is not amenable to their influence. They do more harm than they treat chickenpox. An exception is when a bacterial infection has joined. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the tearing and scratching of the bubbles. An open wound is the main route for harmful microbes to enter. Acceptance of antihistamines ("Diazolin", "Claritin", "Suprastin") will help relieve itching. Also practiced lubrication pimples Zelenko.

How to treat chickenpox in children at home

Water procedures are allowed during the illness, but in no case should the skin be rubbed. In the water, you must add a weak solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or a decoction of oak bark. This will help prevent the spread of the rash and soothe irritation, itching. When parents are interested in how to treat chickenpox in children, except for brilliant green, doctors often recommend the use of Calamine lotion.It combines the action of an antiseptic and an antihistamine and contributes to the speedy healing of vesicles. It is recommended to take drugs on the basis of paracetamol as antipyretic drugs.

Antiviral drugs and immunostimulants for chickenpox

Varicella-Zoster is treatable with antiviral drugs. They are prescribed by the doctor, guided by the age of the patient.

How to treat chickenpox in adults

The most commonly used drugs are based on acyclovir:

  • "Zovirax" (cream, tablets, ampoules for injection, eye ointment).
  • "Acyclovir" (eye ointment and for local use, tablets, powder for the preparation of injection solution).
  • "Viroleks" (tablets, ointment, lyophilizate).

The recovery of the patient depends on the state of the immune system. Diseases of various etiologies and drug therapy only worsen its performance. Simultaneously with antiviral agents, immunostimulants based on interferon are prescribed. The substance can reduce the number of lesions and reduce the period of the disease. Your doctor will select the appropriate medication and explain how to treat chickenpox.

At home, an adult, like a child, must be kept in bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, and follow a diet.

Chicken pox in mouth

Chickenpox rashes on the oral mucosa gives a lot of trouble and discomfort. Chewing and swallowing the baby becomes painful, so you can not even try to feed him. What to do when there is a chicken pox in the mouth? What is the most effective treatment? Doctors recommend rinsing decoctions of medicinal herbs. Chamomile, which has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, or a series, is best suited for this.

Several times a day, it is necessary to rinse the mouth with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, soda, or simply with salt water. Itching and inflammation will help remove sea buckthorn oil, which need to gently wipe the sores. Adults can use ice cubes to reduce mouth discomfort. Whatever method is chosen, before treating chickenpox, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Bubbles in chicken pox in the mouth burst faster than on the skin. At the time of illness, it is necessary to abandon solid foods that can injure the mucous surface, and switch to a soft, enveloping food.This may be jelly, milk porridge, cream soup.

What to smear rash?

Red specks, which after a time turn into bubbles with a liquid, are the distinguishing characteristic of a disease such as chicken pox (chickenpox). How to treat, except for brilliant green, a specific rash? The question interests everyone who is faced with this ailment. The opinion that brilliant green cures these eruptions is wrong. It dries and disinfects wounds, and also allows you to control the appearance of new bubbles. The lack of funds - green marks on the body, which remain for some time after recovery.

Chickenpox than to treat other than Zelenka

Another popular "colored" solution is Fukortsin. It is also called “raspberry green paint”. It has the same properties, but is washed off much faster. Before you treat chickenpox at home and become a "green man", you need to familiarize yourself with more benign ways.

Modern means of treating varicella include:

  • Calamine is a solution developed on the basis of zinc oxide. At the same time disinfects and relieves itching, providing a cooling effect.
  • "PoxCline" - hydrogel with cooling effect.Easily applied to the skin without damaging the bubbles, prevents the appearance of scars.
  • "Fenistil-gel" allows you to quickly get rid of the itch, has anti-allergic effect.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, which, moreover, relieves severe itching with chickenpox rash.

Folk recipes

Adherents of traditional medicine know how to treat chickenpox in adults and young patients. Most methods are aimed at suppressing the discomfort of a rash and the speedy healing of ulcers. You can, for example, dissolve the mummy (0.1 g) in 40 ml of warm water and wipe the pimples with the mixture. Infusions of herbs should be added to the bath when bathing.

Asking how to treat chickenpox in adults quickly and effectively, it is necessary, first of all, to strengthen the body's defenses. Improve immunity will help not only drugs, but also broth hips, tea from the fruit of the currant, a mixture of lemon juice and honey. Has well established itself infusion of parsley. For its preparation it is necessary to grind dried leaves (1 tbsp. L.) And pour them with a glass of boiling water. Keep warm for at least 15 minutes, then take a fourth part every 3-4 hours.

Consequences of chickenpox in adults

Despite the fact that adults rarely suffer from a disease like chicken pox, many people have complications. These include not only bacterial infections, but also inflammation of the joints (arthritis), pathologies of the upper respiratory tract (pneumonia, tracheitis), damage to the lining of the brain (meningitis, encephalitis), and stomatitis. You can avoid serious consequences only if you know how and how to treat chickenpox. Without medical help also can not do! Keep in mind that going to the clinic with symptoms of chicken pox is unacceptable.

In severe cases of chickenpox in an adult or a child, hospitalization is necessary. Under the constant supervision of specialists, the patient will quickly recover, avoiding serious complications. To significantly ease the patient's condition with a strong intoxication of the body will help dropper.

Prevention of Chicken Pox

Vaccination is the best method of preventing chickenpox in adults who have not had an illness in childhood. Vaccination is an inactive virus that is safe for the body, but also causes it to produce protective cells. In some countries, chickenpox vaccination is a must.Special attention to vaccination should be paid to women who are planning a pregnancy. Also, vaccination is carried out and children.

How much to treat chickenpox

It will not be easy to protect yourself from a virus if the system has not encountered chickenpox before. Contact with the infected will lead to the development of the disease.

Before treating chickenpox in children at home, you need to call the pediatrician at home so as not to aggravate the condition of the little patient. At high temperatures, you can give a febrifuge. It is advisable to isolate family members who have never had chickenpox. You can turn on the quartz lamp in the room where the patient is located. This will help reduce the chance of infection and spread of the virus.

If a child attends a garden or school, it is necessary to warn the caregiver (teacher) about the disease. Children in contact with patients in recent days, quarantined.

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