How are sick lists calculated?

With the onset of cold weather, people are often exposedinfluence of aggressive environmental factors. This influence provokes the development of colds. In connection with this, one of the most discussed topics among accountants is how hospital sheets are calculated. After all, from the literacy of a specialist in this matter depends, on the one hand, the welfare of the employee, on the other - the reputation of the firm.

It is necessary to take into account some innovations

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Every self-respecting employee of the personnel servicemust be aware of the latest changes in the current legislation. In large cities, seminars are held periodically, on which accountants are introduced to the slightest changes. On how to calculate the hospital in 2013, it is worth dwelling in more detail. The fact is that since the beginning of this year, amendments to the law have been introduced, according to which payment is made on the basis of an appropriate certificate, and directly in social insurance offices. The latter are responsible for issuing funds directly to the recipient. Thus, the authorities provided double control over the accuracy of the accrued amount and the correctness of the company's documents. Answering the question about how the sick leave is calculated, first of all I want to note the need to verify the authenticity of the document. An accountant or employee of the personnel service should protect themselves from retaining documents obtained illegally. It is enough to check the literacy of the filling of the basic requisites, the presence of a wet seal and clearly stated dates. The Social Insurance Department periodically performs on-site inspections, by visiting specific hospitals and clinics. But such a procedure is extremely rare and only in special cases.

How is the sick leave calculated? Basic rules

how the sick leave is calculated

More recently, it has been updatedunified form of the sick leave sheet, and the rules for filling in these sheets were approved. So, now the calculation is based on the average monthly salary of a particular employee for two years of work. It is worth noting that the service in the army is part of the work experience. From the amount received for two years you need to find the average by dividing our result by 730 days. In addition, the law explains how hospital payments are calculated for employees with different lengths of service. For example, if the work experience is small (up to five years), then 60% of the average earnings over the period of two years are charged. Accordingly, the experience of five to eight years guarantees 80% of the average salary, and experience exceeding eight years, obliges you to pay the hospital in the amount of one hundred percent salary.

How are sick-counts calculated? Do not forget the timing

how to calculate the hospital 2013

The maximum period during which an employeehas the right to be absent due to incapacity for work, should not exceed 15 days. The further stay in medical institutions is based on the conclusion of the commission, organized by the chief doctor. However, if the total length of stay at the hospital exceeds 4 months per year, a medical examination is required. After receiving the certificate, it must be provided to the company's accountant within six months, otherwise no payments will be accrued. In some cases, the Social Insurance Department itself pays the allowance, but only after considering the cause.

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