How can I check the balance on the card?

At the moment, there are several basicways to check the balance on a bank card, namely: an ATM, sms-informing, checking the balance via the Internet, phone or going to the bank branch. Consider in more detail how to check the balance on the card.

Checking balance through ATM

To find out the balance on the map withATM, you need to insert a card, enter your PIN code and go to the main menu of the ATM. Choose "Check your balance" from the menu. You will be offered to print a check with a balance or withdraw the balance on the screen. For this service commission is not charged.

Checking balance through SMS

In order to find out what balance is on balanceon the card, with the help of sms-informing, on your bank's website you need to find out the code word that you need to send to a certain number. As a rule, the word is unique each time and is a kind of password. The message with balance on the balance will automatically come to your phone. A fee is not required for this service.

Balance verification with USSD

You can also make a request usingset of USSD code. This service is possible for users whose mobile operator is connected to the bank's service system. You just need to press a certain sequence of characters and press the dial button. The mobile operator will accept your request, and in a few seconds you will receive a message with the balance on the balance. This service is also free.

Through the bank branch

In order to know your balance on the card, you can go to the nearest branch of your bank. You only need to present your passport and your card to the operator. He will check it and tell you the balance.

Through the call-center

You can also call the call center of the bank,Tell your card number and you will be told the balance in your account. The call center number is usually indicated on the back of the card. You may be asked to identify when you last used the card or when it was opened. You do not need to remember the exact time and date of opening an account, nor is it necessary to search for a contract in which this information is recorded. Remember roughly when the card was opened or when you used it for the last time. You may be asked to enter a password and send it via sms. If an employee has asked you to name the password out loud, do not do it at all.

Internet banking

If you want to know the balance on the map usingInternet banking, then first you need to log in to the system. Each bank has its own order of authorization. Consider the authorization procedure for the user in the Internet banking system for Sberbank.

Sberbank Online

Internet banking in Sberbank has a name"Sberbank Online". To connect to this service, you need to use any Sberbank ATM, insert a card and enter your PIN. In the main menu of the ATM press the button "Mobile Bank". The system may ask you to enter your phone number to which it will send sms with a verification code. After receiving the code, enter it and wait for the answer from the system. Next, print a check with a username and password. It will need to be entered on the Sberbank Online website. After entering your phone number, a verification code will appear. Once you enter the code, the system will automatically transfer you to the control panel of your account and you will be able to see your balance on the card. If you still have not figured out how to find out your balance, read an article on How to find out the balance on the Savings Bank card.

Alfa Bank

If you are a client of Alfa-Bank, then forIn order to use the service "Alfa-Click", which is an Internet banking system, you need to find a contract that you signed with the bank. It should indicate your login and password for logging into the Alfa-Click system. If you lost a page with a username and password, you need to report it to the call center of your bank. You will need a verification word, which you called the bank employee when you signed the contract. If you call the correct verification word, then soon you will be sent a new login and password to your mail. An important aspect of the Alfa-Click system is the constant change of passwords. Passwords in the system must be changed every two months, as you will be notified in advance. You can see the account balance in the Alfa-Click system right away by logging into the system "My Accounts".

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