How can you name a dog?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
March 25, 2015
How can you name a dog?

The dog's nickname should reflect its character and be consonant with the individual characteristics of the pet.

It is necessary to choose non-trivial options so that several “cronies” and “balls” would not immediately respond to your call while walking.

General recommendations: how to name a dog

It is best of all to pick up a pet's nickname immediately, as it appeared with you - without delaying this matter indefinitely. Choose a neutral name. Sometimes a puppy that causes a sea of ​​emotion is called diminutive - Pusik, Fluffy, Baby, etc., but it will soon grow and change. This is especially true of "harsh" breeds of dogs - shepherd dogs, St. Bernards, etc. A large, frightening dog named Kid calls only bewilderment.

Also do not choose ridiculous, ridiculous nicknames. After all, you will often need to call the dog outside. Imagine yourself chanting something like: "To me, Shibzdik!". It's funny and embarrassing, and quickly pall - the name will no longer seem funny and will cause irritation, so neutral names are still preferable.

Perfect pet name: how to choose?

So, how to choose a specific name for a dog? You can refer to the character of the pet and name it, based on the psychological characteristics of the puppy. So there are Princes, Pirates, etc. It is necessary to take into account their external features and physical data - for example, Ryzhik, Silent (Tisha), etc.

Some take inspiration from choosing a name in their favorite books and motion pictures. And they call pets names of their favorite authors or characters, actors and directors. For example, Chase or Burton - very loud options.

You can use the dictionary of names and call the dog some rare human name - Olaf, Eugene and others.

Someone calls a pet abstract noun - for example, Fantik. Or more nobly - Surf. Someone chooses as the name the name of one of the representatives of the flora or fauna, for example, Bumblebee, Bindweed. And some turn to world atlases - and proud names appear, such as Baikal or Chomolungma.

It is worth noting that the nicknames for dogs and bitches should still differ in the set of sounds. Male nicknames more capacious, preferably the presence of "P" and other solid consonants - their dog will be easier to perceive and remember. In women, more smoothness, iridescence, tenderness are permissible, for example, the names of Elf, Alba.

Choose the name of the dog so that it is universal and conveniently shortened. For example, there is a "official" nickname, for the street, for possible exhibitions. And at home you can call more affectionately, but without departing far from the main name, so as not to confuse the pet.

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