How dangerous is chickenpox in pregnancy?

During pregnancy the woman triesdo everything possible to protect yourself and your future baby. The health of the mother depends on the well-being of the fetus and its further development. Of course, this is not an excuse to close at home and not go anywhere, do not communicate with friends, so as not to harm. Simply during this period you should be extremely cautious, for example, avoid contact with people infected with the infection.

One of the dangerous infectious diseasesis chickenpox. There are a lot of sources of infection, especially often expectant mothers are infected by contact of the pregnant woman with chickenpox of their older child, since it is the child that is susceptible to this disease. There is a high risk of picking up chicken pox if a woman works with children, for example, in a kindergarten or school. It is encouraging that there are few cases of infection: 1-2 women from 2,000 pregnant women. Some women expect that they had been ill in childhood, and this disease will not happen again. Indeed, earlier this was the case, but now there was a mutation of the virus, as a result of which the body can not resist all his life and chickenpox during pregnancy can happen again.

The course of the disease during child bearingis identical to its usual form of percolation. But the virus can affect the fetus itself, and the consequences will be extremely unpleasant. Depending on the period of pregnancy, there is a different degree of risk of possible fetal damage. The most important are the early and late gestation period, because in the first few weeks all the organs of the future child are being formed, and in the last weeks the woman is preparing for the forthcoming birth. Naturally, strong drugs can not help but affect these processes. Often, chickenpox during pregnancy at an early age leads to a stagnant pregnancy or to its spontaneous interruption, that is, miscarriage. In the second trimester, this disease can be experienced without any complications for the development of the fetus.

If all the same chicken pox at pregnancyovercame a woman, then in the first place, you can not give in to panic and fear. Remember that the disease itself can pass without a trace for the unborn child, but your nerves will definitely leave a mark on his state of health. It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor who will calmly explain how the disease can affect the fetus. It is also worthwhile to be ready for the fact that now trips to the doctor will take part, the number of examinations will increase.

As a rule, for the treatment of chicken pox andprevention of adverse effects in the development of the fetus, a woman receives a dose of immunoglobulin, and also prescribed acyclovir. More serious are cases where chickenpox affects oragnism immediately before childbirth. Dangerous is the term for 2 days before the onset of the birth process and within 5 days after. The virus can overcome not only the organs of a woman, but also a baby. In addition, there is a possibility that the fetus will be born with chicken pox, which will complicate the first days of his life.

Doctors try to delay time as much as possiblethe birth of the poda, the account is already on the days. Even a few days of delay can help in preventing terrible consequences. If the child has already contracted, then they also inject a portion of immunoglobulin and carry out treatment, which will weaken his immunity. But after the treatment you do not have to worry about the fact that he will get chickenpox, since antibodies to this virus have already been developed in his body.

Chickenpox during pregnancy is not terriblea disease that can not be overcome. With everything you can cope, the main thing - do not delay and in time to see a doctor. This will help a woman to get a quick treatment and protect the fetus. And, of course, it is necessary to follow preventive measures. For example, if the pregnancy is planned, that is, the couple is preparing for this stage in life for a long time, then avoid contact with a pregnant woman with chickenpox.

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