How was the career of the stars of "Harry Potter"

8-07-2017, 11:00
Sometimes we miss the wonderful world of wizards a little bit. Some actors managed to properly dispose of the glory that had fallen on them, while others were not able to "take the bull by the horns."
We recall the recent milestones of the career of children from the Potteriana, who have something to brag about after parting with Hogwarts.
Emma Watson

At Hogwarts: Hermione Granger, the clever and beautiful daughter of Muggle dentists, Harry Potter's best friend and - after several years of romantic torment - girlfriend Ron Weasley.

After Hogwarts: The most talented of the young actors of the Potterians were rightly the most successful, alternating strong roles (“It’s good to be quiet”, “Elite society”) with status (“Noah”, “Beauty and the Beast”) and having become an icon bedside poster of feminism.

Daniel Radcliffe

At Hogwarts: Harry Potter, “the boy who survived”, killing Volan de Mort and returning the world to the magical universe of JK Roling.

After Hogwarts: Radcliffe made a decent career,the shortage of dramatic range is compensated by the choice of interesting roles: from Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Loved Ones and young John Hamm (!) in The Notes of the Young Doctor to the neo-Nazi whistleblower in The Absolute Power and the talkative corpse in Man - The Swiss Knife.

Rupert Grint

At Hogwarts: Ron Weasley, the funny redhead boy defiantly - and in some places deceptively - of a stupid look, Harry Potter's best friend.

After Hogwarts: Once having received the praise of Martin Scorsese himself, Grint is not particularly in a hurry to justify it: the actor played his most notable role in recent years in the Ed Edan clip (with which he is regularly confused). Perhaps everything will change thanks to the new television series "Big Jackpot" based on the movie of the same name by Guy Ritchie.

Tom Felton

At Hogwarts: Draco Malfoy, a nasty blond with foul genes, who since his meeting with Harry has caused heartburn at best.

After Hogwarts: Fame's fame and specific appearance more or less guaranteed employment to Felton - but also condemned to play bad guys of all stripes and sizes. This is what he is busy with: not in the blockbuster "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" or the historical drama "Belle", so in the next season of the series "Flash".

Matthew Lewis

At Hogwarts: Neville Longbottom, an awkward fat man with a fate no less tragic than Harry’s, eventually becoming a hero.

After Hogwarts: First, having experienced a spectacular physical transformation (from a plump young man with crooked teeth into a languid man from the covers of fitness magazines), Lewis finally waited for roles in moderately loud projects - like the tears from “See you” and the upcoming thriller The ultimate.

Bonnie wright

At Hogwarts: Ginny Weasley, Ron's younger sister and the future Mrs. Harry Potter.

After Hogwarts: The young actress, subtly reminiscent of El Fanning, was seen in several other films (the most notable is “The Philosophers: A Survival Lesson”), but made it clear that she was really interested in directing: Wright had already shot three short films (one of the them, with David Thewles playing the Potterian, Cannes) and working on their debut film.

Alfred Enoch 

At Hogwarts: Dean Thomas, a fellow student of Harry and his temporary competitor in the dispute over Ginny's heart.

After Hogwarts: Having played in several theatrical productions and flashed through the episode of Sherlock, Enoch made a name for himself as one of the main roles in the television series “How to avoid punishment for murder” (where he lasted for three seasons) and now plans to build on his success by playing Aeneas in the mini-series "The Fall of Troy".

Freddy Strom

At Hogwarts: Cormac McLaggen, another student of Gryffindor and one of Hermione's boyfriends.

After Hogwarts: Not particularly remembering his role in the Potter (where he is more or less eye candy), Strom has unsuccessfully exploited his external data in Hollywood (“Perfect Voice”, “13 o'clock” by Michael Bay) and on television (“Unreal”, “Play of thrones ”).

Clemence Poetry

At Hogwarts: I didn’t study - a participant in the Tournament of the Three (or rather, four) Wizards Fleur Delacour did not learn the basics of magic in France.

After Hogwarts: The peak of the Hollywood career of Poetry came in the five-year period between her debut in the “Cup of Fire” and return to The Deathly Hallows: just two films with her participation, “Lay low in Bruges” and 127 hours, were awarded nominations for “Oscar” ". The Frenchwoman played her next role in the Stanley Tucci drama that debuted at the Berlinale, writes ELLE.

Robert Pattison

At Hogwarts: Cedric Diggory, a universal favorite and memorable victim of the Three Wizards Tournament.

After Hogwarts: The first graduate of the Potteriana, who became a star outside, Pattinson became famous for his role as a vampire in love in the “Twilight” saga, flashed roles in “Rover” and the last films of David Cronenberg,after which he entered into the taste and is now removed exclusively from the classics: from James Gray and Werner Herzog to Olivier Assiais and Claire Denis.

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