How do they check money?

It seems that the probability of encountering a fakeThe note is very small, but still it exists. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for the fact that a fake banknote can get in your hands. This article is devoted to how to check paper money for authenticity with the naked eye.

How to verify the authenticity of money by main features

  1. Water marks. Despite the fact that the attackers have learned to produce watermarks, the Central Bank also does not stand still and has perfected this technology in order. Modern halftone watermarks have the property of a smooth tone transition from a dark shadow to a light one. On fake banknotes this transition is sharper, shimmering.
  2. A metal thread. It passes both on the surface of the bill, and inside the paper layer. Thanks to this, in the light this thread will look like a solid line, despite the fact that it looks like a strip during normal viewing. Fake the same thread and in the light looks like a dashed line.
  3. Microperforation. A lot of small holes made by the laser form an inscription of the denomination of the note. To the touch, this perforation does not feel at all. A counterfeit same bill will be rough in place of the perforation.
  4. The inscription "The ticket of the Bank of Russia" is embossed and easy to feel.
  5. Protective fibers. They, like the metal thread, are both on the surface of the paper, and inside it. Counterfeit banknotes do not possess internal protective fibers.
  6. Digital denomination in the lower left corner. This inscription is made in gray paint, which does not shine and does not shine.
  7. Hidden rainbow stripes. On the front of all banknotes is a field filled with thin parallel lines. When viewing this field at a distance of 30-50 cm from the eyes perpendicular to the view, it looks monotonous, and when viewed at an angle, rainbow bands appear.
  8. Color-variable paint. On different banknotes this paint is applied to various elements. For example, on banknotes of 500 rubles, the emblem of the Bank of Russia was painted with color-alternating paint, and the coat of arms of Yaroslavl on 1000 ruble denominations.
  9. On the ornamental ribbon of all banknotes, with their horizontal arrangement at an acute angle to the view, the letters "PP" will be visible.

If you do not have the opportunity to verify the authenticity of the bill yourself, then contact the store with a banknote authenticity detector or bank for examination.

Actions when a fake note is found

For forgery of tickets of the bank of Russia is providedcriminal responsibility with a punishment of up to 15 years of imprisonment. If you get a fake note in your hands, do not try to sell it. If you have the opportunity to test it on your own or through the detector of authenticity of banknotes, then do so and in case of confirmation of the fact of forgery, take the bill to the bank for examination. There, money is checked both visually and technically.

Be careful when exchanging large bills, especially in small shops and kiosks, and you will never become the owner of counterfeit money.

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