How do you know if a girl has a girlfriend? There is a way!

It happens: the relationship with the guy has long been over, and forget it does not work. Perhaps there is still a hope in the heart that it is possible to resurrect old feelings and return love ... But if he has already met another? How do you know if a girl has a girlfriend? After all, there is almost no connection between you: you do not call up, you do not visit the same places, and your friends are different. But I so want to be aware of the events happening in his personal life! In fact, there is a way to satisfy your curiosity, and not even one, but several ... But first you need to understand whether it's worth wasting your time trying to enter that water that has long since dissipated. Perhaps he had forgotten you a long time ago, and even occasionally did not recall the past?

Do the guys remember the former girls

Of course, they remember, because nothing humanthey are by no means alien! The question is, what are these memories. Perhaps your relationship was so difficult and difficult that a man wants to forget them as a nightmare. Girls are often themselves the destroyers of a love union. Recollect, how often you rolled up to the guy scandals, hysterics, attacked it in attacks of unreasonable jealousy. It is unlikely that he liked it much, if he, of course, is not a classical masochist.

How to know if a girl has a girlfriend

Another common female error is attempts to causejealousy of the boyfriend. To do this, the girl flirted with her young friends' friends and even does not even realize that this puts him in an awfully awkward position. Perhaps the guy at the same time tries not to show that he has a storm of negative emotions inside him, and his girl regards it as a sign of insensitivity and intensifies his experiments.

This behavior may lead to a rupturerelations, and it's not surprising that guys in such situations do not really ask: "Will the former girl return?" They just start a new relationship, more relaxed and comfortable. If the girl threw her young man herself, because she liked the other, then it strikes a very strong blow to the man's vanity and also does not help the guy dream of reviving the old love. But if the break occurred through his fault, for example, because of his betrayal, the young man can do his best to return his beloved. Naturally, in such a situation, thoughts of her will not get out of his head.

Why do girls sometimes want to return

Even if the parting occurred becausethe man was very much to blame for this, time can smooth out many grievances. The love to expel from the heart is not so simple, and very often this situation arises: the young lady wants to return to her ex, but does not know how to do it. She calls, offers to meet, and the guy thinks: whether to communicate with the former girl? And not always the answer to this question sounds positive.

Do the guys remember the former girls

Women often believe that a man can beRe-educate if you make an effort. But this is far from the case. The behavior of adult males is difficult to correct. Simply put, if a guy is inclined to betrayal, then do not expect that, having suffered in separation, he will reconsider his behavior and turn into an exemplary odnolyub. The pathological "Don Juan" even useless to ask: "Do you have a girl on the side?" - all the same he will not tell the truth.

Leaving go

Really harmonious couples rarely part. If a man and a woman, after some time acquaintances come to the conclusion that they are unbearable to be together, then the relationship really does not work. Perhaps they were built on a passion that, as you know, does not last long. In happy unions, desire is replaced by a deeper feeling - love, and with it a strong attachment.

Do I have a girlfriend

If this did not happen, this is not the endSveta! There is a person who will suit you more. But in order for a happy meeting to take place, you need to completely close the pages of past relationships, and not to find out persistently how to find out if a girl has a girlfriend. It is necessary to focus on your personal life, let the yesterday's gentleman meet with whom he wants.

How to forget it

Perfect people do not exist! Every man has a lot of flaws, however, like women. However, lovers girls are often so-called "rose-colored glasses", but it is necessary to make an effort and try to look at the ex-boyfriend with a critical eye.

Will the former girl return

And the best that a woman can do insituation, when she needs to quickly forget the past, is to fall in love again. But this can not be done if one constantly thinks about the long-cherished lover, even if in a negative way. For example, you are frantically searching the Internet for an answer to the question of how to find out if a girl has a girlfriend ... But this time you could devote much more useful things to you: interesting trips, shopping trips and SPA- salons, classes in a fitness club, etc. You need to learn how to switch your thoughts.

Initially, this will require certainstrong-willed efforts, but gradually a habit will not develop to think about who had to part with. As much as you can get away from the former, do not worry about yourself, be more interested in the surrounding world and the events that occur in it, it will certainly help to forget about the past. But if an unhealthy curiosity about a guy's personal life does not leave you, then, as already mentioned above, there are several ways to satisfy him.

Social networks can help you learn a lot

How do you know if a girl has a girlfriend? First, you can use the Internet and find your friend in social networks. If he has a new love, then maybe he posted a photo of his passion there. True, guys do not really like to spread personal photos for everyone to see, and that they are very different from the weaker sex.

Will I have a girlfriend

Yes, an important point: on the page of the past lover is best to go with a fake account. Let him not know that it's you. Get a correspondence, put a husky to his posts, if he becomes very intensely communicate, then this alone shows that he, most likely, is lonely. But in the event that he has a girlfriend, it is unlikely that he will be so active in his correspondence with a stranger. Although everything happens. Virtual flirting does not oblige ...

One phone call

In order to use the second method,a girl should be bold and not very proud. Did you have the phone number of the ex-boyfriend? Excellent! Zvyaknite him somehow on occasion, find an excuse - it can be some holiday or birthday. Or come up with a question that only your ex-one can answer.

Whether to communicate with a former girlfriend

In general, call and start a conversation, and there, inimprovisation, you can carefully inquire about his personal life. In advance, be ready to hear something like: "And what do you care, do I have a girlfriend?" You have an excuse! In the end, you have every right to worry about his fate, because you can not change the past, and there were a lot of connections between the two of you.

Spyware Activities

Correspondence in social networks and even telephoneconversation may not reveal the whole truth. After all, a guy can just lie. But if you gather courage and spy on him a bit, you can see everything with your own eyes. True, for this you need to be not just bold, but have a propensity for adventurism.

But here, too, not everything is simple. Even if you see a former friend for several days in a row with the same girl, then it is possible that in these relations there is nothing serious, so - a little hobby.

What can help your girlfriends?

Well, then they are friends and that at a difficult momentcome to the rescue! Why not ask your girlfriends to find out the information you need. In the end, every girl has a sea of ​​acquaintances, among whom there are necessarily people who are in the close circle of your ex (colleagues at work, classmates and classmates, childhood friends, relatives, etc.). Of course, if he lives in the same city as you.

What you do not need to take with you in a new relationship

The information received should be takennote and start living in a new way. If the former is still lonely, and you feel that forget it - above your strength, you can try to revive the relationship. But if they were interrupted because of your mistakes, you will need to change a lot in yourself. Your friend may reflect on the topic: "Will I have a girl as jealous as the one with whom I broke up?" If you can prove to him that you have corrected, then hold on and do not repeat past mistakes.

Do you have a girlfriend

And if the intelligence has informed that the former ownerstill managed to get a new passion, then let this news will be for you the last point in the old novel. Start writing a new one, and let it be the most beautiful, romantic and long love adventure that can ever happen on this sinful earth.

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