How is a colposcopy of the cervix

Colposcopy of the cervix is ​​a medical procedure aimed at examining the condition of the vaginal walls, as well as the cervix using a special device - a colposcope. Examination is carried out by a gynecologist. A prerequisite is good lighting.

cervical colposcopyMethod for colposcopy

This procedure is simple. The woman is in the gynecological chair. The colposcope is placed approximately 15 cm away from the female genital slit. In the vagina, the doctor sets the usual gynecological mirror. It should expose the cervix as much as possible, which will make it possible to assess its integrity and the general condition of the epithelial cells during the examination. Inspection is strictly under the perpendicular directional scattered light beam. And this means that the procedure itself for a woman is absolutely painless. There is no easier and at the same time such an informative procedure in gynecology than colposcopy of the cervix.It can only be painful at the time of inserting a gynecological speculum into the vagina or when a doctor takes a smear. But painlessness is rather an indicator of how carefully the doctor treats her patient.cervical colposcopy during pregnancy

Colposcopy of the cervix: preparation

The procedure does not require any special training from the woman. The only requirement is that the patient does not come on the day of menstruation. Ideally, this procedure should be carried out at least once a year. A simple colposcopy is to examine the walls of the vagina. If pathological changes are suspected, a more thorough and thorough examination of the mucous is performed. Appointed colposcopy of the cervix during pregnancy. But do not worry, this method of examination runs without complications and has no contraindications. Therefore, this procedure cannot negatively affect the course of pregnancy.

When is a cervical colposcopy prescribed

Examination using a colposcope is prescribed for the prevention and evaluation of women's health. Ideally, it should be done on the 10-22nd day of the menstrual cycle at least once a year.During pregnancy, this procedure is strictly required. But it can be carried out without the use of special diagnostic tests. The importance of colposcopy, especially during pregnancy, is also due to the fact that, unfortunately, most women do not undergo a full examination before conceiving a child.

cervical colposcopy hurts

Pathologies such as erosion, dysplasia or cancer against the background of immune suppression, which is the norm during the period of carrying a child, can progress. And this, of course, extremely negatively affects the health of the future woman in labor. Colposcopy of the cervix is ​​unable to harm the fetus. This procedure also involves the collection of some important analyzes. This is primarily a study on urogenital infections and cytology (PAP test). Taking smears also proceeds painlessly.

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