How is the laptop configured?

Every year portable computers becomeall the more popular, crowding traditional personalki. Consultants in computer stores are well aware that customers are increasingly choosing compact laptops than full-fledged stationary computers.setting up a laptopThe reason for this is simple - technical specificationsThe average portable silicon assistant is almost equal to them in stationary models. The only unpleasant moment is the limitation in the diagonal of the screen, which in notebooks rarely exceeds 19 inches. However, this is easily solved by buying a separate monitor for the house.

However, as always happens, such popularityhas its negative manifestations. In particular, now in the service centers the notebook is often configured. This service is in demand, and demand and supply, as is known, are directly related. For example, the Internet shows over 27 thousand offers, where you can configure the laptop. An impressive amount!

camera setup on laptopTheoretically, the configuration of the laptop can bedone independently. Still, we should not forget that the differences between the personal music and the laptop are rather constructive, but not cardinal. The same basic functions of BIOS, similar in principle to the operation of hardware components, even the operating system is no different. Therefore, for example, a person who knows how to "lift" a wireless network on a personal computer, setting up a Wi-Fi on the laptop will seem just as simple.

One of the differences between portable and desktop systemsis in the Spartan simplicity of the BIOS first. No overclocking of components, changes in timings of memory models, activation of blocked processor cores can not be found here (except for special models). Setting up the laptop starts with BIOS. To enter the parameter selection screen, press F2 immediately after switching on. Depending on the model, you can set the main bootable media, date / time, select the desired mode of operation of power saving functions. Sometimes the BIOS provides the ability to work with a battery.

setting up a wai file on a laptopThe next step is to set the brightnessscreen for yourself. In laptops, you must press a certain combination of buttons. For example, Fn + arrow to the right. The exact values ​​can be found in the instruction, and also on the buttons are the suggestive images.

Setting up the camera on a laptop is done fromoperating system. Before you begin to adjust the image, you must install the device driver. It is recommended to do this even if the control program was found in the Windows driver library and was installed automatically. To solve this issue, you need a CD that goes with the laptop. If there are several drivers for webcams, then you need to install it for your model. It can be learned from the specifications of the laptop. After installation, you can start Skype and adjust the display settings there (Tools - Settings menu).

We did not in vain indicate the similarity of personalities andlaptops: all the recommendations for setting the first are almost entirely suitable for the second. Unless the operating mode of the energy manager should be different. Setting allows you to optimize the system in accordance with the wishes of the owner.

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