How long does love last?

Eternal love is a romantic dream for everyonerights. In childhood we all sincerely believe that such love exists and there can not be another kind of love. However, having matured and burned a couple of times, we are gradually disillusioned with eternal love and love as such. Someone continues to hope that you can still meet your "love for life" despite all the disappointments that have gripped him or her, but someone remains a skeptic for the rest of his life and literally turns away from all manifestations of love that knock on his life. Who is right, after all? And how long does love really last?

To begin with, it is necessary to distinguish the concepts of "love" and"love". The latter can be fully explained by certain chemical reactions, which scientists are trying to do today. As soon as the action of the "magic elixirs" is over, all desire to be next to a loved one is lost. And the pair disintegrates safely. Usually after 3-6 months you can tell exactly - whether two people connected ordinary love, or between them some deeper feelings broke out.

Skeptics, however, believe that strong love- this is the fruit of the effect on the mind of hormones, only the hormones of the stronger and longer-lasting. Not believing in the sublimity of feelings, they ask how long love lasts, and constantly expect that the tale will collapse and only one life will remain. And if love is short-lived, then it makes sense to marry only on the basis of fine calculation, and not succumbing to "chemical effects." It is not surprising that such arguments lead to unhappy family life. Depriving himself of the most precious and magical, a person deprives himself of the most important - simple, but such necessary happiness.

And scientists, based on questionable experiments,only poured oil into the fire. For example, the popular view that love lasts three years is a consequence of a fairly simple experiment that takes into account a limited range of factors and is characterized by an extremely small sample. By the way, a similar experiment conducted by another group of scientists, on the question of how long love lasts, received a completely different answer. It turned out that many people still love their soul mate even after 20 years of living together.

Probably, even the most notorious skepticwill agree that happy love stories do not often, but happen, which means that love lasts for a long time and it can not be explained only by chemical reactions. So, can this be called luck? And why does someone manage to keep love throughout life, and someone can not keep this feeling within them for six months?

There is no single answer to this question. But if you consider that love is one of the highest blessings in this world, then it is quite logical that it should not go to everyone and everyone just like that. Perhaps you need to achieve love by burning yourself, stumbling and continuing to sincerely believe in a miracle! After all, wonderful love stories begin sometimes with the most insignificant episodes, such as: going to the store and meeting at the bus stop.

We ourselves destroy the ability to love. If a person does not believe that love can last longer than hormones act on his mind, he will never love anyone, and, worst of all, he will never be able to notice the sincere feelings on the part of another person. Such people are called "ice" and prefer to avoid.

Now it becomes clear why the question,how long love lasts, there is no clear answer. Everything depends on you, on your sincerity, faith and ability to truly love. Do not be afraid to stumble, be afraid to lose faith in love. Believe in it, and it will find you - true love, for which there is no such thing as time.

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