How much does a programmer receive per month in different countries?

Programming is one of modernity. However, despite the growing demand, the supply does not change much. Many people doubt the choice of a profession and constantly ask themselves questions: how much does a programmer get? What are the advantages of the profession? What can affect the level of wages? Therefore, this publication was created to answer the most important questions and dispel doubts about the choice of profession.

The advantages of the profession

There are many more advantages than disadvantages in the programmer profession. And the main advantage is that a person of this profession will never be without work (unless, of course, his level of laziness does not exceed reasonable limits). In many companies, programmers are worth their weight in gold, moreover, you can get a job even without a diploma of higher education. If a person gets a job in a company, they will not look at the diploma at the interview, but will offer to solve a specific task.Interviews are conducted by people who have a wealth of experience in this field and are highly qualified specialists. Therefore, all decide talent, knowledge and desire to work.

how much does a programmer get

Another advantage of the profession is financial stability. As much as a programmer gets per month, they are not paid to representatives of other professions. The average level of private entrepreneurs can be compared to the level of a programmer’s earnings.

In companies, programmers have always improved working conditions. In many firms, employees are provided with such useful "buns" as:

  • Coffee Tea.
  • Lounges.
  • Game rooms.

In programming it is important to constantly improve, accumulate new knowledge, creatively approach the solution of problems. This kind of self-improvement is not only useful, but also a pleasant process for which they pay. And this is another plus.

Programmers may work on a standard office schedule, or they may not go to work. In many companies, practicing “remote”, or remote work, when an employee can work on projects, being at home or even in another country.It is also much easier for programmers to find a source of good earnings in freelancing.

how much do programmers in russia get

Criteria that affect wages

But, despite all the advantages of the profession, the majority of its future representatives are interested in how much a programmer gets per month. Programmers get a lot, but not all alike. The salary level is influenced by several criteria:

  • Education. Yes, the programmer can find a job without an appropriate education. However, the presence of a diploma makes it possible to receive a salary of 15-20% more than what is offered to a person without education.
  • Experience. The more a person has experience in programming, the higher his services are valued.
  • Age. Employers would rather give preference to a 23-year-old "coder" than a 20-year-old talent. It is considered that until this time a person has time not only to master a programming language, but also to gain practical experience.
  • Multifunctional. Programmers who are familiar with several programming languages ​​can rely on a high salary, moreover, they have practical experience in working with them.
  • Character traits.This may seem strange, but the employee’s personal characteristics influence the salary level. Employers give preference to those applicants who know how to work in a team, are willing to work on a global project for a long time, and most importantly - are capable of learning. Almost every month there are new programs and IT products, so the programmer must keep up with the times.

how much do programmers in the united states get

Russian programmers

Having considered the advantages of the profession and the factors that influence salary, you can proceed to a more accurate overview of the amounts that IT professionals receive in different countries of the world. And perhaps we should start with information about how much programmers in Russia receive.

The average monthly salary of a programmer in Russia can vary from 300 to 8,000 conventional units per month. Much depends on the city in which the person works, in what language he “kodit” and what position he occupies. It is quite reasonable for many to ask how much a programmer gets in Moscow. According to the latest data, experts in the field of IT technologies receive about 100 thousand rubles per month. Of course, there are those who receive less, but for IT people, the salary level in Moscow is never less than 60 thousand rubles.

US programmers

America is the country where representatives of all professions want to move, but only a programmer has created a real paradise here. In the States, workers are valued who are able to invent something new, impossible, innovative.

So, how much do programmers in the US get?

In 2016, the salary of a programmer who has work experience was 109 thousand conventional units per year. Naturally, in different states wages may be different, but the fact remains - 9000 y. e. monthly income.

 how much does a programmer get in Moscow

Belarus programmers

When in 2016 they tried to find out how much a programmer gets in Belarus, they did not expect that the data would be so unpredictable. It turns out that IT specialists in Belarus get more than programmers in Moscow. On average, their salary is 3,000 conventional units, while Moscow IT specialists receive 1,700 y. e. The wage difference is almost doubled.

But if this research is not taken into account, then the average income of an IT specialist in Belarus is slightly lower than in Russia, approximately 1,430 y. e. per month.

Programming language and salary

Nevertheless, it is impossible to cut all programmers with the same brush.The incomes of each IT specialist directly depend on the language in which he works. The highest paid programming languages: Ruby on Rails, Objective C, Python, JAVA, C ++ and JavaScript. If we assume that the average salary of a programmer will be 2500 y. e. per month, then IT professionals that work with the above languages ​​will receive 21-23% more. In addition, it should be borne in mind that now more professionals are working with programs for web and mobile applications.

how much does a programmer receive per month

Income and expenses

It is difficult to determine exactly how much a programmer gets. Many factors can influence research results. Incomes “outside the cash register” of a company are not always taken into account, they leave unattended the possibility of additional earnings, and also do not take freelance programmers into account, and their monthly incomes may be higher.

And if the IT specialist cannot decide on the country of residence, he needs to know not only the information about how much the programmer receives, but also how much he will have to spend on living.

A comparative analysis will be conducted between the following countries:

  • Russia.
  • Belarus.
  • USA.

The average annual salary for each country will be calculated according to the formula: 2012 revenue + 20%. According to research, it is so much increased earnings for the vacancy "software engineer".How much a specialist in the field of IT technologies receives per year is presented below:

  • United States - 105600 dollars.
  • Russia - 35,000 dollars.
  • Belarus - 32700 dollars.

 software engineer how much gets

In general, salaries are very good, but the standard of living in these countries is different, respectively, and the costs will be different. Taxes are calculated from average annual wages:

  • United States - 18%.
  • Russia - 13%.
  • Belarus - 12%.

If you deduct taxes, then the programmer’s net profit will be:

  • United States - 86592 dollars.
  • Russia - 30450 dollars.
  • Belarus - 28776 dollars.

Also consider other options for expenses. Rental housing in America will be about 17% of the annual consumption, in Belarus and Russia - 10 and 15%, respectively. Expenditures on transport, Internet, food and clothing will account for 45% of the total average income for each country. As a result, we obtain the annual income of the following sample:

  • United States - 39,592 dollars.
  • Russia - 14235 dollars.
  • Belarus - 12249 dollars.

 how much does a programmer in Belarus get

Where is monthly salary better?

Of the countries represented, of course, much higher income programmers in the United States. If you exclude all costs (including food and clothing), then IT professionals in America receive $ 3,300 a month "clean." They can spend this income on leisure, own business, travel and other expenses “for the soul”.

In terms of financial independence, the profession of a programmer is promising all over the world.The exact amount offered to IT professionals is difficult to determine, but without a doubt, the level of income always depends on the individual. Someone is content with little, but someone wants to reach the cherished peak, and for the sake of their goal they are ready to work, no matter what.

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