• Abele06/18/2010 at 11:44:40
    How often does your child cry?
    The boy is 3.5 years old. Crying quite often. There is an option, of course, that is spoiled and thus tries to manipulate adults. But this is not always the case. That is, sometimes he is a whiny, and sometimes - a completely normal child. With strangers, he behaves very, very decently ... But at home - there are days, right for every reason and without a reason, crying ... Outgrow? Or is a problem brewing?
    • Shakira06/18/2010 at 23:01:57
      I cried from birth until the age of 3.6, practically never ceasing))) interrupting only on moaning, the following +
      as soon as she "sang" by the hand and into her room with the words: To roar, to moan -please here, for yourself. I don't have to roar "
      cry, come talk.
      At first I was freaking out, knocking out doors or trying to smash the room, then just sat down and cried, coming back with the words "I already cried, all" Later she began to go to cry-to herself.
      closer to the 4th, I began to simply say that I didn’t like it, without tears. It turned out that not like almost everything that is not according to its own, as I suspected)))
      now crying is mostly only if it falls ill or did not get enough sleep and then in comparison with what was .... sky andEarth!
    • BBB06/18/2010 at 13:06:50
      And I will listen.
      Mine is also (3 years), when I'm not around, it behaves well. But with me aches for any reason: "Aaaaaaa, I want a cartoon", "Aaaaaa, I want 101st yum", "Aaaaaa, I want to go there I do not know where." And so the whole day. I already have a roof going.
      • BBB06/18/2010 at 13:09:52
        I will add that the roof goes not only for me, but also for the neighbors.
        They constantly meet me on the street and ask, "Why are you torturing a child like this?"
        • Shakira06/18/2010 at 23:03:45
          I was also asked all the time, why is she crying like that for you? +
          go out with tears, we go in with a roar
        • Juliet06/18/2010 at 10:58:01 PM
          author and try to transfer these emotions and the weak nervous system to other rails, so to speak
          I observe my own and other children and I see:
          they shed negative emotions and resentment, in general, everything is superfluous — in squeals, squeals, grimaces — or — growls — laughter — simply — and in tunes (they are not yet able to sing at that age).
          try in different situations together with the child any of these ways-together growl, squeak, scream (within reason), and so on.
          The main thing is to do it quickly, to catch the moment until the child has gone deep and sweet into tears and public relations! - to interest it.
          I sympathize with you and ponder (I usually do this with my daughter onmachine) - how I get out of our roars - especially when my daughter is already tired and the house is still far away (every morning they paid the rent and other things were solved, she was tired and she was bored) -
          I quickly come up with a voice discharge in the form of a game, let's be like me-pomiki, let's rhyme our beloved (sing in a whisper, enlighten, we will whisper, grope, etc.) conquer, etc. - in general, crying, tearing out, bring to the same place but without tragic sobs ...
          maybe it will work for you? well, to clearly find the cause in each case — tired — wants attention at the moment — wants a change of atmosphere — boring, hungry, drinking, etc ...


          • Abele06/21/2010 11:33:06
            Useful advice. Thank you. We will try
            About the fact that "they shed negative emotions and resentment" - I agree 100%!
        • Abele06/18/2010 at 13:16:46
          HA! Our neighbor to my mom also says - and what are his parents doing, that he cries so much in the evenings ???
          Ohoho (
      • Juliet06/18/2010 at 13:09:28
        if it hurts. sometimes short in plaka:) - if tired, time is close to the daytime sleep. we are 3.9, girl. in the sediment-never cry, very big laughs and smiles ..
        • Nataya06/18/2010 at 14:02:47
          new word-software-scam.Well, peeks, pokaty were)) off) sorry.
          • Juliet06/18/2010 at 22:48:59
            :))) I’m kidding, really, it’s not even crying, just in crying, such little "short-lived" ones :)))
    • jp06/18/2010 12:30:05
      I will not say about the boys (my not whiny) va here is the middle daughter from birth to 7 years old howled regularly.
      For any reason, that little face twisted and cried (I myself am so impressionable, also a little bit like tears in my eyes). So by the age of 9 she became a poster much less often I suspect that “sport has tempered character” (a banal phrase, but it was from playing sports that a child became less tearful and more self-confident, and could have outgrown.
    • L_M06/21/2010 at 15:55:27
      My 3.10 - roars regularly, but now it's easier with this. Before
      it was all the time - we go outside - we roar, we go from the street - we roar :) I, after the eldest, are philosophical about this :)
    • htozna06/18/2010 at 11:54:53
      here you can not guess: most likely outgrow, but there are children with a weak nervous system
    • sunnybeam06/18/2010 at 15:14:54
      I’ll not say exactly about yours, but I have one such Pierrot.
      Sometimes the mood is normal - everything is ok, but sometimes, as Ostap incurs - whining about it and without. Mail is six years old to him. Of the last pearls - Mom, why was it necessary to create people if they needed to wash their hair? (The intonation is appropriate). I am trying to translate everything into a joke, but I understand that this is a type of temperament, nothing can be done.

      I don't have time to get angry. Nineteen children, all of them wash, lay, undress, dress, blow their nose, comfort and morra knows what! No, I have no time to be upset! (Tuve Jansson)
      Tell me - and I will forget, show me - and I will remember, do with me - and I will learn.

    • LiVeS06/18/2010 at 11:51:45
      And speaks well? Those. can express their emotions and states in another way?

      Second perpetual persecutor,
      Delicacy amateur,
      Also boast loyal guard,
      Yes, and connoisseur snobbery
      Breaking through the Internet to you.
      You are forewarned in every possible way)

      • Abele06/18/2010 at 13:17:38
        Says well already. Although sometimes crying - I ask - why are you crying? but he told me - I do not know ...
        I say - well, stop, when you know, then you will cry ... Sometimes it even helps ...
        • Ksa_na06/21/2010 at 14:05:45
          Mine, too, sometimes cries, finding any trifling excuse - and bitter sobs ... Then,
          when it calms down, it says, "I just want to cry!"
          The reason is any, the requirements are absurd, we jump from one reason to another ... at another time a calm independent child. Too 3.5.
          Aggravated - if you do not get enough sleep, hungry, tired, wants to drink. IMHO - fine.

          The optimist studies English, the pessimist is Chinese, and the realist is Kalashnikov.

    • Rebeline06/18/2010 12:54:45
      I can not even reveal the pattern
      But there was a period when, because of any nonsense, he was about to cry. In my opinion, even in the area of ​​2.5-3 years it was. Has passed with time. Just you can not catch me with a roar :)
      Now he is crying only "in the case" - he hit, for example, or was offended at the site.
      It seems to me that you simply do not need to react to a roar if you see that it is from scratch. Even if the case - regret, kiss, comfort. But if the rebz intends to start crying again and again for one reason (he remembered, he felt sorry for himself again), then he would have to respond with more restraint or not to react at all. So quickly outgrow.

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