How orthorexia is disguised as proper nutrition

How orthorexia is disguised as proper nutrition

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Orthorexia is an eating disorder, the danger of which is the development of serious disruptions in the functioning of the body.
This is a young, but quite common disease. It was first seen half a century ago and has not been studied much since. A person genuinely worries about his health and is unaware of the presence of danger. He is sure that on the right path, this is the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment.

What it is

This is a serious failure of eating habits, which implies a person’s obsession with food and everything related to it. Obsession with wholesome food clearly goes beyond reasonable limits.

People affected by orthorexia eat only those products that they believe are good for health.
The cult of wholesome food is expressed in the strict observance of certain rules of nutrition, often invented by the patient himself.

Otrorexia: how to get rid of "nutrition syndrome"

What is different from healthy eating?

With orthorexia, obsessive selectivity is observed in the choice of products, a tendency to different diets and radical directions of a healthy lifestyle. Rejecting the usual diet, the body loses the proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary for development.

Orthorexics are so obsessed with proper nutrition that they do not notice how they start to suffer. Mental disorders of various kinds develop, communication with others is difficult.

As a result of the lack of vitamins and minerals, there is a general depletion of the body.


Modern people for various reasons become hostages of food restrictions.

  • Some follow the fashion, and as a result they become dependent on the right products.
  • Others are too attentive to their health and appearance, and do not notice that they are crossing the line of reason.
  • Still others want to differ too much from the rest and, unwittingly, remain alone.

Otrorexia: how to get rid of "nutrition syndrome"


Doctors and psychologists identify several signs of the disease:

  • Excessive categorization when choosing products. The patient chooses products for their composition and health benefits.Intentionally ignoring their previous taste preferences.
  • There is a development of fear and rejection in front of such groups of products that are not included in the list of allowed ones.

Otrorexia: how to get rid of "nutrition syndrome"

  • There is an acute sense of guilt in case of accidental or forced eating of prohibited foods.
  • The presence of excessive interest in diets and proper nutritional systems.
  • Constant counting of calories eaten and drunk.
  • Making a menu, buying and choosing products takes up most of your free time.
  • The division of others into groups, depending on their food preferences.

Why is it dangerous

Orthorexia often becomes a precursor of anorexia and bulimia. The organism reacts negatively to any restriction.

Almost all orthorexics sooner or later “break down” and begin to eat everything. This is followed by a feeling of guilt and disgust, they are engaged in self-flagellation, trying to induce vomiting or tighten food rules.

All this leads to nervous and physical exhaustion. Selectivity in communication limits social activity. Relations with relatives who do not share their position in life are spoiled.

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How to treat

Few doctors can state orthorexia with certainty, since the symptoms of this disease are often mild and are reluctantly voiced by the patient himself.

At the first stages, you can get rid of the disease yourself. An integrated approach will increase the effectiveness of orthorexia treatment.

It is recommended to limit communication with people who approve proper nutrition.
It is useful to spend more time with loved ones, do things that are not related to food.

Otrorexia: how to get rid of "nutrition syndrome"

If symptoms are detected and cannot be corrected by yourself, you should seek help from a psychoanalyst or a nutritionist.

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  1. Do not refuse to visit guests or restaurants, guided by inappropriate menu.
  2. Control the influence of food preferences on health.
  3. Be selective about power systems.
  4. Do not scold yourself if you can not stand the diet.
  5. Try to enjoy the food and choose it depending on your taste preferences.
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Who is most often manifested

Psychologists have noticed that the following groups of people are most at risk:

  • Young women who care too much about their appearance and health.
  • People who, guided by interest, love to read the composition of certain products in the supermarket.
  • Perfectionists, trying to be first and foremost in everything, can go unnoticed into orthorexia networks.
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Modern society pays a lot of time and energy to its appearance. Orthorexia appears imperceptibly, at its source lies the best of intentions.

You should carefully examine your attitude to nutrition, to exclude the possibility of the development of the disease, which in turn leads to serious complications.

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