How profitable to sell an apartment?

In the sale process, any seller tries to raise the price of the object being sold as high as possible. And each buyer, in turn, tries to pay for it as little as possible. That is why the purchase and sale of any object is carried out only in the case when the buyer and the seller reach a compromise.

Any buyer knows that the process of finding the necessary apartment is better not to start without having previously studied the real estate market independently. It is enough to consult with people who have experience, they will be able to give suitable advice, knowing all the changes in the laws relating to the real estate market, and then you will not fall for the tricks of sellers, which are related to how to sell an apartment quickly and profitably.

Realtor help

Sometimes the help of a realtor is simply necessary, because it is he who can assist the client in order to understand the cost of the chosen apartment and compare it with the real market value. But in some cases even the most experienced realtors cannot analyze a specific situation, and sometimes quite often the very circumstances of life greatly affect the price of an apartment.

For example, a seller who asks a question about how to profitably sell an apartment can offer an object at a price that is much lower than it actually is, if it is very important for him to make a deal quickly. This situation is sometimes observed in cases with the sale of "problem" apartments.

Or vice versa, the value of the object may increase if the apartment is located in a luxury house - for example, in a building where different celebrities live. The alarm system, household appliances, fresh renovation or furniture also affect the cost of apartments. Sly sellers sometimes raise the price if they know that the buyer is interested in this particular apartment - such a situation can be observed when someone plans to buy a neighbor's apartment and combine it with her own. In this case, the neighbors specifically overestimate the real cost of housing by 15-20%.

Usually, to determine the real value of the apartment you need to contact the specialists who are engaged in real estate appraisal. A permanent collection of information about the available real estate offers is carried out and on the basis of the existing database the cost of each specific apartment is estimated. When evaluating an apartment you should take into account various factors:

  1. The prestige of the area in which the object is sold.
  2. General condition of the house.
  3. Internal infrastructure, namely, what is equipped with a residential complex.
  4. Is there a guard.
  5. Floor.
  6. The condition of the apartment at the moment.
  7. The condition of the local area and the entrance.


Any seller is well aware that not all the characteristics of the apartment can be changed and adjusted. Therefore, before placing an apartment for sale, you must try to change some of the indicators that are amenable to adjustment. It is necessary to put in order all the documents that are related to the apartment, and pay off debts for utility payments. Check whether any changes related to the redevelopment of the apartment, if any, are registered with the BTI and the Interdepartmental Commission.

It is advisable to release before selling the apartment. Legally and physically free housing, where no one is registered and no one lives, is always considered the best option for a purchase, and therefore costs more. And if you set a goal on how to profitably sell a small-sized apartment at a bargain price, you need to improve its condition so that it looks cozy and well-groomed.

You can make repairs before selling an apartment, but you should not forget that the apartment inside should not exceed the class of housing to which it belongs. And if the object being sold is located in an elite area, it should be, at least, prepared for future finishing, and as a maximum - qualitatively repaired with the use of expensive building materials.

If you are selling an economy class apartment, you should not make an expensive repair in it - you can even do with a cosmetic finish. Often, there are situations when the real cost of an apartment, which, in general, is in good condition and with good repair, is reduced due to a poorly cleaned entrance, which is also worth considering. Now you know how to profitably sell an apartment.

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