How to analyze the picture?

Description of a portrait, still life or otherworks of art have as their goal the development of artistic thinking. Also, the analysis is necessary to confirm the authorship and determine the time of writing the picture.

Before learning to understand art,it is necessary to learn the language itself. After all, no one will ever blame the illiterate for not being able to appreciate the beauty of literature, since it is clearly necessary for learning to learn to read. This is what Max Fry wrote in his book. A close acquaintance with the structure of the picture and the laws of perception of art will help to update the person's research position, so that he can comprehend the meaning of the pictorial work independently and master the artistic thinking.

In the process of teaching in art schools, inordinary schools in the classroom of fine arts students get acquainted with the work of various artists, trends and styles of art. It is important not only to listen when the teacher is an ordinary lecturer, but also to try to do the analysis of the picture, express not only its structure, but also the content, and share your understanding of the images.

As for perception, it should be said thatas applied to works of art, this process depends not so much on the level of preparation as on the general culture, life experience and associative abilities. There are also general patterns that do not depend directly on the individual qualities of a person.

Analysis of the picture, organized in the educationalinstitution, should become a good theoretical basis for independent artistic activity, which will further stimulate students' need for a more meaningful perception of reality, and promote self-determination and socio-cultural adaptation.

To perform a quality description of still lifeor another work of art and abstract from the subject perception, it is necessary to pay attention that the picture is not just a window into the world, but a certain plane on which the artist can create the illusion of space with the help of various pictorial means.

For this reason, it is necessary firstanalyze the basic parameters of the work. It is important to assess the size of the picture, its format, the technique of execution. Consider from what distance the product is best perceived.

Then the analysis of the picture implies an examinationplot of the work, genre. It can be still life, landscape, portrait, animalistic, mythological, everyday, historical, religious genre. You also need to try to determine the intent of the artist. What task did he want to solve by writing this work? What is the degree of naturalism or convention? Also an important component of any art work is the composition. It can be static, dynamic or balanced. It is necessary to evaluate the ratio of space and background on the canvas, the angle of view that the artist chose. Perhaps he tried to involve people in interaction with the image, or the viewer remains only a third-party creator. Appreciate how well the images depicted in the picture are, silhouettes, as far as they are valuable in themselves.

There are also many aspects to whichit is necessary to pay attention. For example, how much the image is detailed, how the color is transmitted, what colors predominate, and so on. Now you in the most general form know how the analysis of the picture is done. But remember that the process largely depends on your own perception and is individual.

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