How to be a good guy?

An ideal person? Perfect match? Is there such a thing or is it just a theoretical concept? Opinions on this issue differ, but it is clear that the relationship between lovers is a whole universe with its own secrets and riddles. So why is this chaos often reigning in this universe? Maybe because it is necessary to make efforts not only for the lady, but also for her cavalier, who must know and understand how to be a good guy.



So, if you decide to become a real man and turn your personal life into a fairy tale, then you will certainly have to face changes. For a start, look inside yourself, do you really feel love for your girlfriend? Yes? So it is your half and half the battle has already been done. Start by manifesting your feelings and emotions. She should not only know, but see and hear your love. Show how you appreciate that she is there, tell her that you have no one else. And know how to listen to what she says.


You need to know the good qualities of the guy who, most often, are the most important for a partner.Combine them into three groups:

A responsibility

Responsible man never throws words to the wind. He fulfills all his promises, at least he tries. From him never to hear bad words in his address, which are said simply in the heat of the moment. He is responsible not only for his words, but also for actions. If he did just that, then he wanted to do that, it was his deliberate choice. The most important thing is that you can trust him.


Think for yourself, because your girlfriend sooner or later will want to show you to her friends. You should be like a new penny: well-groomed, neat, beautiful. On top of that, they want to see you as a real gentleman. Take care of your girlfriend and, if necessary, provide small services to her friends (just do not bend the stick). And never forget the compliments - this is the weakness of the entire female sex.


Women do not like spineless men. They instantly make them henpecked and play with them, as with children. There are two options for ending these relationships:

  • Break with the words: "Get it together, a rag"!
  • Family life, in which the main role is played by a wife pulling this supremacy as a burden.

Remember, the best guy is a reliable “rock”, a shoulder that you can lean on in a difficult situation. Be courageous and resolute, she must feel that at any moment she is protected from dangers and adversities. Convince her that you are confident in the future. She should not worry about her own security or financial matters.


Never, under any circumstances, change your girlfriend! Did you choose her? It was a deliberate choice, and no one forced you to start this relationship? So why doubt your own actions and look for happiness on the side? If you feel that you want intimacy with someone else, it means that you have not yet met true love.

Small pleasures

What a nice guy without surprises? Girls love gifts, but they like it even more when you turn on a fantasy and make you happy with something unusual. Even if the relationship eventually ends, such a boyfriend can never be forgotten.


The girl wants to feel real help from you. Therefore, moral support alone is not enough. Do not allow her to carry heavy bags, help take out the trash, go to the store, etc.You will see for yourself exactly where the male hand is needed.


Do not be a bore! If you see her bored look at the date, quickly correct the situation, otherwise it will be lost for you. Show your sense of humor, tell funny situations and joke (just did not go), in order to dilute your image of a serious intelligent man.


It's harder here. Women's logic is inexplicable, which is why your darling not only wants to see love and affection, but also chill, slipping, occasionally in your behavior. After all, “the less we love a woman, the more we like her”! Girls will be more fun to meet with you, if you, at least sometimes will be different. But again, find a middle ground and do not overdo it, so that it does not think that it does not interest you.

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