How to brew oats?

In the cereals are stored essential for our body trace elements. Cellulose, which is found in wheat, oats, barley, and other cereals, has healing properties. Protein, which is in germinated cereals, is used to renew the cells of the whole organism. And having learned how to brew oats, you will receive an elixir of youth and health.

In order to get the maximum of vitamins, microelements and minerals from oats, you need to know how to brew it properly and for what purposes.


  • In two liters of boiling water, add one cup of oats.
  • Boil all this over low heat until a quarter of the entire volume remains.
  • After that, cool the broth, pass it through a sieve and squeeze well.
  • It is necessary to take such a decoction thirty minutes before meals with each meal (about 4 times a day) for half a cup.

Oats for diabetics and for those on a diet

This tool is only suitable for those with type 2 diabetes.

  • Put in a liter thermos with hot water 100 gr. oats.
  • Leave overnight for ten hours.
  • Strain and squeeze.
  • Take should be three times a day, thirty minutes before a meal in a full glass.

Oats for liver

Here is a recipe for brewing oats for the liver, as well as for ulcers, gastritis and enterocolitis:

  1. One cup of oats grind in a coffee grinder.
  2. Cook thick jelly, which is necessary to drink three times a day for an hour before eating one glass.

Oatmeal Longevity Elixir

If you want to learn how to properly brew oats for prevention, to prolong your life, increase your natural vitality and clean the body of toxins, you need to do the following:

  1. Rinse three glasses of oats thoroughly. Plain oatmeal porridge bought at a store will not work. It is necessary to buy real grains of oats.
  2. Fill all this with three liters of water and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat.
  3. Now you need to "wrap up" the pan for a day. If you have a three-liter thermos, you can use it.
  4. A day later, we filter this infusion and put it on fire again.
  5. Add 100 gr. honey and bring to a boil.
  6. Now it is necessary to cool the resulting broth again. Then you can bottle it (for convenience), as it is necessary to store the "elixir" in the refrigerator.
  7. It is necessary to consume 100 gr. a day half an hour before meals. To taste, you can add a little lemon.
  8. When the decoction is over, you can repeat the whole procedure. Cleaning is best done three times a year: in the fall, spring and summer.

Oats for beauty and health

For women who care about their beauty, this oat decoction will be useful:

  1. Connect 5 tablespoons of cold purified water and 5 tablespoons of crushed "hercules" in a mortar.
  2. Leave the mixture to infuse overnight.
  3. In the morning, add five chopped kernels of hazelnuts and one tablespoon of cream and honey.
  4. Use this mixture instead of breakfast for a month, and you will look just perfect!

Remember that any treatment and prevention makes sense only if you are following the instructions and systematically. If you just do such decoctions periodically, you can hardly hope for any result. This is your health and he needs to pay maximum attention, because you don’t have another one and you don’t buy it, as you know. Moreover, it is worth doing it a couple of times, and such prevention will become a good habit!

Be healthy, beautiful and happy!

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