How to build a moped?

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How to build a moped?

To date, there is a largea range of scooters, motorcycles, mopeds from different manufacturers. Everyone can choose the right vehicle for himself. Someone wants his moped to be small, someone wants a design not like everyone else.

And there are those who like to do everything themselves. Such people can be advised to show their creative abilities. It is enough only to study in detail how to assemble a moped and begin to design the vehicle with its own hand, which will ideally meet all the requirements.

What do you need to collect a moped?

First of all, it is necessary to decide whichthe parts will be used to assemble it. As a basis of the whole design, most often, a bicycle stands. But only it is necessary to solve immediately the question - where the motor and other details will be placed.

The engine will need the most space, sinceit is the most out of all parts. As a rule, the engine is located where the bicycle has a rear trunk, another option is the lower part of the frame. The solution to this question should be based on the structure of the frame.

You can also make the frame yourself. For this, I will have to do welding work. From the details of the bicycle you need to weld the frame, while choosing such elements for it, so that it, in the end, was very strong and could withstand the expected load. In no event should water pipes be used to make the base, since the pipe is not strong enough and on such a moped you will not go far.

When the frame is ready, it is necessary to cut out the engine mounts from the iron sheets, the thickness of the fastenings must be at least 5 mm. They need to be welded to the frame.


Suitable engines from agricultural machinery - motoblock or chainsaw.mopedYou can use a special engine for a bicycle. The most popular of these is the motor produced in China, the "D" series. In fact, everyone must decide for themselves which engine to choose.

Brake system

The best option is to install a shoe-type brake on the rear wheel. The design is quite light, and therefore a braking system with high power is not required.

More information about the manufacture of a moped you will get when reading this article. How to make a moped.

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