How to build a pattern?

Want to get instructions on how to build a pattern (dresses, skirts, pants ...)? Are you interested in what measurements need to be done and how to make them correctly, what the pattern consists of, what to consider, where to start and the like? Do you give recommendations, rules, tips on building patterns? Tell how to build a pattern? Easily! Here are the options for getting the pattern:

  1. Take a picture of any pattern
  2. Copy from magazine
  3. Copy from a book on patterns, from ordinary fashion magazines and newspapers
  4. Draw by hand
  5. You can take a disk with a pattern, enter your dimensions, and the pattern is ready
  6. In the magazine "Atelier" you can always view the order forms of patterns and order to your liking.
  7. The vending model can be drawn by hand. A model can be liked if you look through catalogs with clothes.
  8. How to build a pattern? We focus not only on our imagination and fantasy, but also on the ability to draw with a pencil.
  9. Pattern can be built in "AutoCAD" - drawing program.

In fact, if desired, and talent, to make a pattern is not difficult, but on the contrary - very simple.How to build a pattern basis? Only a layman can seem that the figure has many lines of vertical and horizontal, and many other lines. Drawings patterns, in fact, built easily and simply.

Pattern basis - common to all. How to build a dress pattern? Let's focus on the pattern of the dress.

The basis of the dress pattern

Pattern dress includes: back, shelves, back and front panel of the skirt, sleeves. Let's build the basis of the dress pattern (size 48). The first thing you need is to take your measurements. Detailed instructions for taking measurements given.

And further, it is possible to build the dress pattern by the sizes. We need a sheet of paper on which we will draw a vertical line and put a point H on it. Right from the vertical line, we need to draw a horizontal line. On this line, lay the segment, which is equal to the measure Og2 + 5 cm (allowance, which is necessary to fit freely). Draw the point r1. GG1 = Og2 + P = 48 + 5 = 53 cm. In more detail we focus on the link below and step by step instructions in it.

If it seemed easy to build a dress pattern, then the question arises how to build a pattern of trousers?

  1. It is necessary to take measurements: half-girth of a waist, hips and length of a product.
  2. Let's start with modeling the pattern of the front part of the pants. We build a right angle on a sheet of paper. Let us mark a vertex with a point
  3. From her, we lay down the measure. This point is denoted by the letter N.
  4. From point H we draw a line perpendicular to TH. Draw a straight line to the right.
  5. Down we set aside from the point T 1/2 of the hip half-measure measure, add 1 cm. The point is called the letter B. Now we put the point B to the right 1/2 of the hip half-point measure, plus 0.5 cm, we call the point B1.

Step-by-step instruction of the pattern is given on the link: So you will be guided by the drawing and its size.

It remains to build a sleeve pattern. How to build a sleeve pattern? To build the sleeve pattern, you can use the following parameters: shoulder and wrist girth. We also need sleeve length to elbow.

When building patterns sleeves, use.

To build a sleeve pattern, you need to focus on the drawing and put off the shoulder girth from point A to the right. Then you need to add 7 cm and put the point B (29 + 7 = 36 cm). From point B, we lower the line down at the intersection with the line that is below - H1. And now, you need to focus not only on the drawing, but also on the step by step instructions.

Thus, it is clear that building patterns according to the drawings is a snap.The main thing is to take measurements correctly, to construct a drawing, again, using a centimeter, an eye meter and coordinates. The presence of magazines, experienced assistants is also a must. And, of course, fashion models of products. They are also needed. If they are not available, you need to observe others and see what they are wearing, and what is important in their style of clothing. Then build your own pattern and the product is ready!

Successful sewing and building patterns! We very much hope that the links in the article and useful information in it, in general, proved to be useful for you. Stay tuned for updates.

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