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Asking the consultant of the electronics store to help with the selection of their future computer, the buyer will be sure to hear in response to the question about the range of tasks that are planned to be solved.

good gaming computer

The fact is that computing power can be used in three main areas:

- Office use - by analogy with the classic typewriter, with minor variations in the form of working with e-mail, printing, scanning paper documents, etc.

- Universal computer center for home use or specialized office. Such a machine can easily cope with the tasks of the previous class, and is also capable of processing more resource-intensive applications in the form of some games of previous generations, audio and video streams.

- A gaming computer is the most productive solution (the so-called TOP class), with the help of which the owner can access the whole world of ultra-modern games, watch videos in ultra-high resolution, quickly convert multimedia streams to various formats and much more. The category has received its name due to the fact that the latest gaming applications, as a rule, create the most significant load on all computing nodes. Today we will talk about similar systems.

The story of one delusion

It is considered that a good gaming computer is simply obliged to cost a lot of money. This is explained by the fact that all components used in the assembly are most productive and, as a result, expensive. This is partly true, but there are a number of features that must be considered. Every person who decides to assemble a gaming computer should understand that the components of the previous generation very often purchase more expensive than their counterparts created using the latest technologies. The reason for this lies in more advanced technological processes than those that were relevant in the production of components a year ago (here there can be any period of time - it depends on the rate of change of generations).gaming machines on the computer

Also, assembling a gaming computer from identical components, but produced in two different stores, can have a significant impact on the price. The reason for this is in the various purchase prices and markups. Thus, deciding to assemble a gaming computer, you must carefully read the existing proposals, including a comparison of the cost of the system unit for components. For the sake of reasonable savings, we recommend purchasing system designers assembled by electronics store specialists for your specific requirements, rather than opting for factory-assembled solutions. Next, consider in more detail what the gaming computer consists of.

System case

The purpose of this element is obvious - to keep all internal components, providing convenient connection, cooling and communication with external panels. The hull can be either with vertical placement (classic tower), or with a horizontal one. For powerful computing systems, the second option is more acceptable, since it has better air exchange.powerful gaming computer 2014That is why the assembly of a gaming computer should be made in vertical housing.When choosing, it is necessary to pay special attention to:

- the quality of the metal (the walls should not sag from light pressure with a finger);

- the number of communication connectors (audio output, USB ports, FireWire, etc.), which never happens a lot;

- method of fixing expansion cards and internal storage media (usual screws or special fixings);

- the presence and location of the fans - we note that one cooler with an increased impeller diameter is always more preferable than several small ones;

- build quality (in particular, metal edges should be rolled in order to prevent cuts during assembly; nothing should creak and dangle);

- the appearance and additional information displays do not affect the work, therefore this moment is completely dependent on the personal preferences of the user.

Power quality

Powerful gaming computers for their stable operation require appropriate power supplies. The most important parameter is the permissible current load. Usually, to simplify labeling, not current is used, but total power. If a 250 W power supply is sufficient for office systems, then, for example, a gaming computer of 2014, for example, already requires at least 500 W.In this case, you should follow the rule that power does not happen much. It is better to save on any component, but at the same time buy a power supply class higher.

Powerful gaming computers must necessarily be assembled with the appropriate blocks - this may be a product of a well-known manufacturer (CoolerMaster, Zalman, Thermaltake), but not the Chinese $ 10 NoName. The reason for this is simple: eminent manufacturers monitor the compliance of these parameters with real characteristics, but little-known ones often indicate several times overestimated data. Again, as this is important: a cheap unit will do for an office low-powered system unit, but a gaming computer may even fail if this requirement is not met.gaming computer 2014

For the correct selection of the required power, we recommend using a special calculator, which is available on the websites of all self-respecting manufacturers of power supplies. In this application, you must specify the components used (processor, video card, hard disk) and click the "calculate" button, after which the required power will be displayed (for this product linemanufacturer).

Indirectly, the quality of the power supply can be determined by its weight: the more mass, the better, as a rule. In this case, we can assume that the manufacturer did not save on electronic components.

Having stopped the choice on any model, it is necessary to be convinced that there are enough existing conclusions for power supply of all accessories. You can pay attention to solutions in which the "extra" wires can be disconnected due to the design with connectors, which is very convenient.

Which power supply to choose

Some users are convinced that the gaming computer must make a lot of noise from the cooling systems. Until recently, it really was. Now there are opportunities for significant noise reduction. In particular, the modern market offers excellent power supplies, which use intelligent control circuits for the internal fan speed, or the latter is completely absent. Such solutions are called "Silent", or "With passive cooling." Do not neglect the opportunity to make work more quiet. So, the gaming computer 2014 may well be assembled with the GPS-500C power supply (from Chieftec),which uses a metal radiator to dissipate its own heat. It is worth noting that in some cases even 500 W is not enough. In particular, a gaming computer in 2015 with multiple video cards can consume more current. In this case, you can opt for the RealPower M850 power supply (from the Cooler Master), which gives an “honest” 850 watts. And the last thing I would like to draw attention to is the presence of 80 PLUS certification with variations. This label indicates the energy efficiency that the selected model supports. The most technologically advanced units are assigned “80 PLUS Titanium”, respectively, for less economical - “80 Plus”.

assemble a gaming computer

Assembling a gaming computer with a power source that does not have this marking is hardly a good idea. At the same time, it makes no sense to overpay for Titanium, since the difference with the previous classes is insignificant. So, the powerful gaming computer of 2014, assembled on the basis of the nVidia GTX 780 video card with GDDR5 memory, quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K processor, 8 GB of RAM and one SSD-disk, works fine with an 850 W power supply.

Temperature conditions

As you know, all electronic components heat up during operation and begin to fail when a certain threshold is exceeded.For heat removal, systems from radiators and fans are traditionally used. The optimal mode inside the enclosure is ensured not only by the correct location of all components, but also thanks to the activation of forced ventilation. We recommend not to deviate from the time-tested scheme, according to which the assembly of a gaming computer should provide for the installation of two coolers: one of which (injecting) is placed so that air is drawn from the bottom of the case, and the second (exhaust) is as high as possible, throwing heated stream. In this case, all components are cooled.


All mathematical calculations performed by a computer are performed by the processor core. For many years, the only manufacturers of CPUs are two companies - Intel and AMD. And the same time in the open spaces of the Network does not subside the war between the adherents of products of a company. The paradox is that in this case both those and others are right: the performance of the top solutions is quite sufficient to build an excellent gaming system.So, a powerful gaming computer in 2014, as we indicated earlier, can use not only the Intel Core i7, but also AMD-FX.

gaming computer 2015

Choosing a processor, the future owner should decide what is more important to him - performance or economic feasibility. For example, a gaming computer in 2015 can be built on the basis of the Core i7-990X Extreme Edition, which costs close to a thousand dollars, or on the Core I7-4820 with a price of under 20 thousand rubles, whose performance is quite sufficient for most tasks. It all depends on the preferences and solvency of the buyer.

Examples of gaming "silicon brain"

In general, when assembling a gaming computer-2015, it is recommended to choose a central processor in which there will be at least 4 cores (Core i5-2000, Core i7-900, AMD Phenom X4), and the clock frequency starts at 3 GHz.

As of 2015, you can stop the selection on the following models:

- for the price category up to 110 $ - AMD FX-6300 (6 cores);

- at a cost of up to $ 200 - Intel Core i5-4460 (4 cores);

- over $ 500 - Intel Core i7-5930K (6 cores + 6 virtual).

A detailed description of the characteristics of the central processors and the criteria for their selection cannot be covered by this article, but we have tried to give you a general idea of ​​them.


The mainboard of a computer is one of its main elements, to which all other components are connected in one way or another.It is a large board on which the logic lines are separated and the auxiliary components (codecs, controllers) are located. Gigabyte and Asus are distinguished for their high-quality builds, so their products are more preferable for a gaming system. When choosing, we recommend using the following rules:

- all capacitors must be solid, which increases the service life of the system as a whole;

- the installed processor must be supported by the board (specified in the specification);

- slots for memory bars must be at least 2;

- LED display often distracts from the gameplay, so in the case of a transparent case, it is better to refrain from purchasing motherboards with it;

- SATA standard should be the third version.

It is impossible to recommend any particular model in this case, since the board is chosen for the processor.

Video adapter

The video card is responsible for processing the image and displaying it on the monitor screen. Although now most computing systems offer embedded video solutions, in the case of assembling a gaming system unit, they are not of interest. However, we note that all popular installed slot machines on a computer work fine on embedded solutions.The main players in the graphics market are AMD and nVidia, although relatively recently the list was supplemented by Intel, which decided not to leave this niche unattended. These manufacturers produce chips (graphics processors) and sometimes assemble ready-made solutions. However, more often other companies collect video cards based on purchased chips and sell them under their own brand (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire, etc.).

The most important characteristics of the video adapter

The key parameters affecting the performance of the video card are:

- Memory bus width.So, 64-bit solutions are characterized by extremely low performance, of interest to users of office computers. Accordingly, the higher the bit depth, the better.

- The type of memory used and its amount.It is most preferable to choose cards with GDDR5, and the slowest (but cheap) cards are collected from the second and third DDR versions.

- Used tire.The fastest is PCI-Express 3.

computer gaming mice

Gaming mice for computer

Surprisingly, collecting a powerful computing system, you can not leave without attention the windows in the store where the gaming mouse for the computer.Conventionally, the entire range of these devices can be divided into three classes: office, universal, gaming. If the first questions do not arise (in the design there are three buttons and a scroll wheel, and the optics system is simplified), then with the latter not everything is so simple. Gaming mice for a computer have an optical sensor of increased accuracy, which allows to distinguish movements on any surface. In addition, the sampling frequency of the sensor is such that the minimum offset is recorded and processed. Random "twitching" of the cursor is minimized due to the use of special filtering algorithms.

Mouse Ergonomics

Due to the special shape of the gaming mouse body during a long game, the user practically does not feel hand fatigue. Often used rubber inserts under the thumb. The number of buttons is increased, in many models their functions are programmed. Many manufacturers offer solutions with adjustable mass (weights are installed in a special pocket). The most well-known manufacturer of mice for gamers is Razer. More affordable models are in the product range from A4Tech.

Summing up

Assembling a computer for games involves careful reading of various information sources about each component. We considered only some of them. A more detailed study includes an understanding of the technologies of monitors, memory modules, hard drives and SSD devices, and much more.

It is impossible to take someone's recommendations and, mindlessly following them, to get at the output exactly what we wanted. We have already indicated that solutions suitable for one user may be completely unacceptable for another. And it's not just the total cost of the system unit.

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