How to buy a car in GTA?

February 1, 2015
How to buy a car in GTA?

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How to buy a car in GTA?

In the game GTA you can always steal a car not only from the parking lot, but also directly on the street, throwing the driver from the front seat. Due to this, no one thinks about the fact that in the game, it turns out, you can buy a car in a car dealership and not engage in criminal activity. However, it looks strange and uninteresting, and even costly in financial terms.

But not all the cars in the game can be found on the streets. Especially unique cars can be bought only for virtual currency in the showroom.

Let us consider in more detail how to buy a car in the GTA San Andreas and GTA 5.

Buying a car in GTA SA

You can buy a car in SA only in multiplayer mode. For this you need:

  1. Sign up in the city where you are going to buy real estate.
  2. Buy a house and be sure to have a garage that you can afford.
  3. Find a car dealership in this city. To do this, you need to drive around the city and search for it or register a command / GPS and car dealership number in the console.
  4. In the showroom you can choose a car, sit in it, start and buy.Everything is done with hotkeys E, C, 1, 4. The Enter key buys a car.

A car will appear in your garage after some time.

How to buy a car in GTA 5

In the city of Los Santos in GTA 5, you can only buy a car at special car dealerships that are scattered across the entire map. Search car dealership is not so easy. It is better to buy a car over the Internet using a gaming phone. Find the right site and choose a car. You can buy a car only if you have your own garage, in which it will immediately appear.

Cars in car dealerships in the GTA 5 have no analogues on the street, so if you want a unique car, buying online will be the best option.

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