How to buy a house in GTA?

The opportunity to have your home in the online game GTA -This is a new stage of the game and a big step to the passage of levels and victory. Buy only those players who have reached the fifth level. Some users may not understand how to buy a house in GTA, and this is a necessary action, which will help to acquire certain locations and buildings in the future.

Acquisition of real estate

Acquisition of the house occurs in several stages.

Preparation of funds

As in the main game, in the online game GTA forbuying a property you need to have a huge amount of coins. Coins can be obtained for performing any tasks or for robbery of shops and other enterprises. As a result, having given proper time to this process, the player will be able to collect a suitable amount of coins for the further purchase of his house.

To accumulate the right amount, it is worthwhile to pass alllevels and perform all tasks to the maximum, even if you do not have enough strength, you just need to rest and start all over again. In this case, buying a house will become real.

Choosing and buying a house

  1. To purchase real estate online it is necessary to use the internal Internet of the game, which can be installed both in the phone and in the terminal.
  2. To find the right home, go to your phoneselect the tab. (The phone appears by pressing the up arrow). In this tab, you need to select "Money and services" - "Find real estate." Here you can see all the options for selling apartments and houses and choose the right one. On the map, the property being sold is designated as a white-green color.
  3. Selecting a house, you must click on it toobtaining the necessary information. In order to go to the house view, you should click "Find coordinates", and on GPS you will be directed to the house. So you can view all the objects you are interested in.
  4. When you are already determined with the house, you need to go back to the "Money and services" tab - "Find real estate", select your house and click "Buy real estate".

Residential real estate - what is it?

Each residential property has its own garage, inwhich can accommodate a certain number of machines. If you bought a house, it means that you have reached the level of "American Dream". But, as in real life, the game will need to remember about paying for utilities, which will go about $ 75.

In each house the player can watch TV,listen to the radio, change clothes and perform other different activities. You can also invite friends here to spend a good time. Going along with the house the garage does not have the same luxury and comfort that is in the house, but here you can store cars. In addition, if you hire an auto mechanic, he will have to pay a salary of $ 50.

The player in the online game has the right to maintain only one house, so when buying new homes, you can make half the cost of the old one.

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