How to buy on Aliexpress? How to make a purchase correctly and safely?

Today, there are a huge number of online stores that are simply filled with electrical goods, things for the house or clothing. If these are some sites that do business only in the country where you live, then there are rarely any problems with shopping. You choose the product you need, order it, the sales assistant calls you back and clarifies your payment method and the time of receipt of the goods. Then you calmly wait for the thing you need to come to the post office or the courier will deliver it to the door of your house.

But what about such sites that are outside the state? How to pay for the goods? Will the goods come in integrity and security, and if not, who is responsible for this? These and other questions arise for every person who has never ordered goods from abroad.

You will find the largest selection on is a site where all products are made in China and are much lower than in the country where you live, because things on the site are not taxed. There is just everything, from clothes to furniture for the home. And the prices of these products will surely surprise you. And immediately the question arises whether it is safe to buy on Aliexpress. Of course! All safety measures are observed here, if the goods did not arrive, if they arrived of inadequate quality. You will learn about all these nuances in the next section.

how to buy on aliexpress

How to buy on

The site has a lot of sections in which there is almost everything that you may need. In the case when you need to find something specific, you can use the search on the site, setting keywords (the name of the necessary thing). If you are fluent in English, you can search for goods immediately in English - this will increase the chances of finding exactly what you want.

When the thing you need is found, it remains only to order it. But everything is not so simple, because now the important question is whether it is safe to buy on Aliexpress. As already said - everything is safe! And to avoid any troubles and get the necessary goods, we will share with you some secrets of a successful purchase.

is it safe to buy on aliexpress

How to buy on Aliexpress:

1.Choosing the product you need, first of all pay attention to the rating of the store. There are many subcategories on Aliexpress:

  • If the seller has just registered and sold a small amount of goods, then his rating will either not be visible at all, or else there will be one medal near his name. Depending on how good things are and how many orders are perfect - their quantity increases to 5 medals.
  • The second category of the rating is a diamond. This is definitely a good seller, even if he has only one. The maximum number of such awards is also 5.
  • And the last category of rating - the crown. Such an award can be met very rarely, since in order to receive it, you need to work long hours on the site and sell a large amount of goods. As a product of such a merchant you should not even have any doubts. But the price of the product at this store may be slightly higher than the rest.

2. After choosing the right seller for you, carefully read the reviews about the necessary product. Even if it’s a good store, there may be bad reviews about a certain thing. Someone received a product of good quality, and to whom he came crumpled, the wrong color or with the smell.Therefore, carefully read all the reviews.

3. Well, the last step in choosing the necessary thing - its description. Carefully read all the characteristics. After all, each seller product may be slightly different, even if the photos provided look the same.

Now that you are the followers of the most basic and very simple rules on how to buy on Aliexpress. com, you can make the right choice and get a great product at a low price, but of good quality.

how to buy on aliexpress com

Registration on Aliexpress

If you understand how to buy products on Aliexpress, you can now proceed to registering on this site. For those who are registered in such social networks as VKontakte and Facebook, it is not difficult, because you can link your account to one of the sites by simply clicking on the appropriate button. If you do not have pages in the social network, then feel free to click "Register".

Next you need to enter your e-mail, first and last name (in Latin letters), create a password and dial the code from the image. After that, you will be redirected to your personal account, where you can view a list of your orders, what is put into the cart or wish folder, messages from sellers and a panel with reviews from you and various stores.

How to buy on aliexpress Belarus

How to make the purchase itself?

First of all, read the section "How to buy on Aliexpress". The instruction will help you to foresee and do everything correctly. When you have already decided on the goods, it remains to choose a delivery method. Send it to the basket by clicking the advising button next to it. If you have doubts about it, or maybe you want to wait for the seller to make any discount, add it to your wish list. Thus, the system is sure to notify you of any price change, or that the product has ended.

Going to the basket, you can choose a suitable payment method and currency. In most cases it is dollars.

Then, when all instructions have been followed, and you have paid for the goods, it falls into the "My Orders" section. Within 3 to 14 days, the seller processes your order, after which it sends it or informs you about its absence. Further, depending on the chosen supplier, the goods are sent to you with a certain speed. If this is China Post Registred Air Mail, then you do not pay for the delivery of goods, but it can go up to 60 days. During this time you have the opportunity to track the movement of goods on the sites "" or similar.To do this, enter the track number in the appropriate field and click “Track”. Faster delivery option is EMS. This carrier will deliver the goods to you in a maximum of 20 days, but this is a paid service. There are three more other options - this is DHL, TNT, Fedex IP. You will have your order in a week, but such delivery will be more expensive than the previous one.

Shopping in other countries (not in Russia)

1. How to buy on Aliexpress - Ukraine?

All residents of Ukraine, who have made an order on Aliexpress, can easily pick it up at the nearest post office. Take into account the fact that although the seller indicates your phone number, an alert from the post office can carry you a week. That is, the goods will lie in the mail just like that, and for the time after 5 days of storage you will be required to pay. In order to avoid such incidents, do not be lazy every day to track the parcel, so that later in time to pick it up.

2. How to buy on Aliexpress - Belarus?

Orders in this country also arrive at the nearest mail points. But here, when you begin to track the goods, take a close look at the destination of your country. Since by mistake, very often your product can go to Ukraine or Russia.And of course, do not forget to take your passport with you, because without it you will not receive a package. From November 11, goods that will go to Belarus can be paid through the terminal.

how to buy on aliesxpress Ukraine

When your order arrived by mail, you can pick it up. If the item is fully consistent with what you ordered, you must go to the site and everything in the same section “My Orders”, click on “Receipt of goods”. Then you can leave a good or bad review and put a rating to the seller.

If during the specified time the product was never received, in the same section, you can click the "Open a dispute" button. Now you need to answer certain questions and ask to return the amount you need. In some cases, you will need to upload a product photo. If the seller refuses to refund you, you can aggravate the dispute. Thus, your problem will be solved by the administrators of the site itself. In most cases, the administration can settle the dispute in favor of the buyer.

In any case, you decide whether to buy on Aliexpress. But if you follow all the above rules, you should have no problems.

Group purchases

The site has a special section “Group purchases”.But how to buy on Aliexpress in this section? Is it really necessary to gather a group of people to make an order? Its essence is not to find a certain number of people and then send them one general package with the goods. Here the goal is completely different. Things in this section are provided with a big discount and are designed simply for a large number of buyers. It does not matter what city or country you are from, in any case you can order the product you need at the specified price.

In the section there are also subsections (household goods, accessories, electronics ...), which facilitate your search for the right one.

The order in this part is almost the same as usual. The only thing you can buy is a certain amount of goods, and if you just sent it to the basket, you only have a day to pay for it, unlike a regular order, which can be paid within a week.

Almost for nothing

On the site you will also find the cheapest section that can be. Discounts here are up to 90%. But the big minus is that such products fly away in a second. Therefore, in order to purchase the goods you need, you will have to practice in order to press the buttons as quickly as possible.And in order not to fall for the bait of a bad seller, well read the section "How to buy on Aliexpress."

These goods are no different from the rest, just sellers, in order to attract attention to their store, expose some things. This sale takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.00 Moscow time. On the product of payment are also given a day.

how to buy on aliexpress instruction

Sections "Clothing and accessories", "Bags and shoes" and "Everything for children"

These three sections of the site are the most popular in attendance. Here you can find an analogue of expensive branded items that are no worse than the original. But their cost is much less than in brand stores.

When making a choice in these sections, be sure to follow the rules on how to buy on Aliexpress. But it should be borne in mind that there are a few small nuances:

1. When choosing clothes for yourself or a child, carefully study the dimensional grid of a particular seller. If not, write a message to him so that he can help you. Some products are smaller than indicated in the product description, so for reinsurance it is better to check with the seller all the parameters of interest.

2If you choose a product that will be sewn especially for you, for example, a wedding or evening dress, also contact a personal message to the seller so that he advises and suggests how to take off his measurements.

3. To lure inexperienced buyers, many sellers can write in the sections of shoes and bags that they are made of leather, although this is not the reality. In this case, read as many reviews as possible about the product, because someone still wrote about whether this is so.

Section "Jewelry and Watches" and "Beauty and Health"

Next in popularity are these two sections. In addition to the basic rules, follow a few more recommendations:

1. When choosing jewelry, pay attention to the fact that some sellers refuse to send cheap items if the total amount of the order is less than $ 5.

2. Some products may be indicated with gold or silver plated. Is it so? The price of the product itself will tell you about it. Please note that if silver is worth the 925th test, then it is simply silver-plated jewelry.

3. When choosing a watch, look at the fact that there are necessarily reviews about them. Some watches in which there are many arrows or buttons may be faulty.

4.At the expense of all kinds of lipsticks, creams and other things for personal care there are no special recommendations. Most often it is really high-quality products.

Sections "Electronics" and "Auto"

These are the most dangerous sections of the site. Their difficulty lies in finding the best product that will be Russified and will not have any damage. When making a purchase in such sections, it is best to contact the seller to clarify all the characteristics you are interested in. And be sure not to forget to ask him to pack the goods well, so that it comes exactly the same as it was sent.

Section "Home and Garden"

This section is the easiest. Usually, the seller immediately indicates all sorts of characteristics of the goods, and rarely when questions arise. Follow the rules on how to buy on Aliexpress, and the thing you need will soon be at your home.

In this part of the site you can find everything that can be useful in the house, ranging from bed linen and ending with unusual fixtures for cleaning. Also here you can make an order for the manufacture of certain furniture. True, free shipping can be found here quite rarely.

how to buy on aliexpress

Who bought on Aliexpress? Reviews

On this site a lot of purchases are made during the day, both successful and not so much. But in any case, the majority of customers are satisfied with the service and service, and those who received something of the wrong or of inadequate quality always receive, if not the entire cost, but at least part of the price for the goods. Judging by the feedback from people who have adhered to the rules on how to buy on, one can be sure that many were satisfied with their purchases.

Of course, there are always those who do everything in a hurry, and then they can get either a completely different product (as the seller behaved unconsciously and sent the wrong thing), or a poor-quality product (in case they hurried and did not read the reviews ).

As you can see, everything is very individual. Someone is happy with their purchases, some are not. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you can buy on Aliexpress or not. But remember, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne!

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