How to calculate the monthly cycle?

December 7, 2012

Every girl or woman who has a menstruation should know and understand how to calculate the cycle of menstruation, because knowledge of him is very important for controlling her health. The cycle of menstruation is more correctly called the menstrual cycle.

Calculation of the monthly cycle

It's very simple: the menstrual cycle (monthly cycle) - there is a period from the 1st day of one menstruation to the 1st day of the next. So, in order to correctly calculate the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to remember how many months began, to wait for the start of the next menstruation and count the number of days that have passed from the first day of one month to the first day of the next. The number of days you receive is your individual menstrual cycle.

In average, the menstrual cycle lasts 28-35 days. If menstruation occurs more often than after 21 days, and later than after 35 days, then it is necessary to go to a gynecologist and get a consultation to identify the cause of abnormal menstruation.Such deviations can be sporadic, for example, if you have been nervous a lot this month, have a poor diet and slept. In this case, the cycle itself is restored very quickly. If violations last more than a month, then this is a serious reason to visit a doctor.

It is much more convenient to follow the menstrual cycle, if you do it in a special calendar. You can choose a personal small calendar, where you will mark with red crosses all the days of your periods, and then calculate the cycle of each one. You can simply create a text document on your computer where you can record the days of your period and give them a short description: scanty allocations, normal, strong.

Why do you need this calculation?

How to calculate the cycle of menstruation, we figured out. Now a few words about why it is important to keep track of him.

  1. Keeping a calendar and precise control over menstruation gives a woman the idea that she is healthy in the reproductive plan. If the menstruation fails, observations will help to quickly identify it and consult a doctor in time.
  2. For those who practice the calendar method of protection as a contraceptive, accurate control of menstruation is the most important thing!
  3. And finally, when you want to conceive a baby, then using the calendar data you can calculate the ovulation period, i.e. the time when the conception of the child as possible. And if you are already ripe for this, then our article “How to calculate ovulation” will explain everything to you in detail.

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