How to call a demon yourself

It does not matter for what reason you decidedturn to the dark forces, but the demon for some reason was necessary. If you are not confused by the religious side of the matter and you are not afraid of the appearance of a representative of otherworldly forces in your life, then we will help you. In this material, you will learn how to call the demon yourself, at home and without contacting the dark magicians.

Home Method

To ensure that the demon "on call" does not get angry with you and does not take your soul, you will have tohow to call a demonto sacrifice a pet to him. Usually a chicken or goat is used for this purpose. You personally have to kill the animal, and then put it in the center of the drawn pentagram. This will help to locate the demon and get the desired help from him. So, after the animal is sacrificed, take a reading spell. The main thing is that words should go from the heart, with desire and appeal.

Way "Crossroads"

And now consider the way how to call a demoncrossroads. It is similar to the previous method, only a pentagram should be drawn at the intersection of roads in a dark night. You will also have to sacrifice an animal and cast a call spell. Be vigilant - there should not be anyone around you.

Tips for calling a demon

Now you know how to call a demon. But we should also take note of the moments that are extremely important for the conduct of the ritual.

1. First of all, you must have the skills to work with black magic. If you are a novice in this business, it's better to leave the venture with the demon call. At best, you will not succeed, and at worst you can take on the wrath of otherworldly forces.

2. You can not be afraid. The slightest fear can lead to irreversible consequences. Demons perfectly feel their superiority and can calmly master your soul so that you will only obey them for the rest of your life.

call daemon

3. Another important advice is how to call a demon - this is a sacrifice. The larger the animal, the better. In some cases, you will have to drink the victim's blood to show the demon your dark side. He can also demand that you get rid of a living animal before his eyes. We'll have to obey and do it with maximum cruelty. If you regret the animal, the demon will not like it very much.

After calling the demon, you will never become the same person. From now on you will serve evil, and the otherworldly forces will be constant guests in your home.

To conduct the ritual of a call must be strictly alone! Otherwise, youhow to call a crossroads demonyou can call disaster on the whole family.

Before you call a demon, think carefully aboutwhether it is worth it. You will never be allowed to do this after death to heaven, and the road to the church during your life will be closed. If you want to get an answer to a specific question, then call on white magic, it will answer much more truthfully and accurately. After all, demons have one very bad quality - they lie and can just laugh at you. And after the ritual they will not leave you alone.

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