How to call from Thailand?

February 18, 2015
How to call from Thailand?

In our time it is always important to be in touch. Wherever you are, you should be able to call your home country or abroad, just to notify you that everything is in order or to solve some important business issues. Fortunately, now almost in any country of the world, you can use mobile or fixed communications. Thailand is no exception. Below we consider how to call from Thailand to Russia using landline and mobile communications.

Stationary communication

Take advantage of landline in Thailand is not a problem. In many cities you can find telephone booths that accept ordinary coins, paper money, and a plastic card to pay for communication services. You can also use a fixed connection at the reception of your hotel. In this case, all the instructions you can get immediately on the spot.

As for the call from the telephone, you need to dial the code 009 and then the phone number on which you want to call.True, this method is still a significant drawback. The fact is that this code is not always available and the quality of communication is not always good. Therefore, it is recommended to use telephone booths that belong to mobile operators. Next we look at how you can use mobile communications. These instructions are also suitable for cases when you want to use a mobile operator’s automatic machine.

mobile connection

Mobile communication in Thailand is widely developed, in addition, you can save money on calls, as the number of mobile operators allows you to choose the most profitable option to call to your home country. Please note that all the phones on which you want to call should start only from +7.

So, here are some ways to call from Thailand:

  1. The first method involves the use of the services of the operator DTAC. To use it, you need to dial the code 004. The cost of one minute of conversation is 4 baht plus 7% of the total.
  2. The second way is to use CAT services. The dialing code is 001. The cost of services of these operators is from 7:00 to 21:00 7 baht, the rest of the time - 5 baht.
  3. The third method is a service provided by a TOT operator. The dialing code is 007. This operator is the most expensive in Thailand, and the cost of its services is 24 baht per minute.
  4. Finally, the fifth way is to use the services of an inter-regional telecom operator. Code 009. The service will cost 6.5 baht per minute.

At present, the rate of baht is approximately two rubles, in any case, the rate of baht you can always find out.

Note that in order to use the mobile service, you definitely need to purchase a SIM card. This can be done at any supermarket at the checkout.

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