How to catch a grass carp

Differences cool for the seasons

Depending on weather conditions, this fish bite in different ways. Therefore, novice and experienced fishermen who want to return home not with empty hands need to know the peculiarities of catching grass carp at different times of the year:

  • Winter period.

    Cupid stops pecking, because it does not eat anything and lies on the depths (in the pits or under the snags).

  • Spring period.

    In the beginning of spring, they also don’t bite, and by the middle (when the temperature reaches 15 degrees) the first bites begin in places where the grass grows.

  • Summer time.

    Since white carp is very thermophilic, its real activity falls on this period. But the catch of cupid is complicated by the abundance of food in the reservoir, so you have to think carefully about the choice of the best bait.

  • Autumn time.

    This is the most optimal time of year to catch this type of fish. After all, in the winter it is necessary to fully stock up on the fat layer, so Cupid stops sorting food, and eats everything. Plus, the vegetation becomes small (the new one no longer grows, and the old one is completely unsuitable for food). Cupid pecks up to ten degrees of cold, then stops.

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