How to change the generator?

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How to change the generator?

The generator on the car is a compact mechanism that converts the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy. This mechanism, while the engine is running, charges the battery and feeds all the electrical equipment of the car. However, as with any other mechanism, problems may occur in the generator. In this case, you must first check the generator. If after checking it turns out that the generator is completely faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Tools for replacing the generator on the car VAZ

Before changing the generator, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tool. For this job you will need:

  • gloves to protect your hands;Generator
  • a set of cap or rozhkov keys on 8, 13, 19;
  • key with ratchet and heads 8, 13 and 19;
  • extension cable;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers and a flat screwdriver (may not be needed, but still it is better to prepare);
  • permanent marker for marking the wires so as not to confuse their location during assembly.

Now consider the process of replacing the generator.

Sequence of actions when dismantling the generator

  1. If the engine is dirty, before dismantling it is necessary to clean all fasteners of the generator with a brush on metal and wipe with a cloth.
  2. Be sure to disconnect the car and remove the terminals from the batteryGeneratorbatteries.
  3. Next, you need to loosen and remove the drive belt tensioner. To do this, use the key to 19, rotate the stem nut clockwise until the belt is completely loosened. Then unscrew the lower bolt of the rod and remove it. You can remove the belt from the generator drive with your hands or with a screwdriver.
  4. Before changing the generator it is necessary to disconnect all wires. Turning off the plug with the wire of the pre-excitation pad of the generator, which is attached with a plastic latch to the rear end. To do this, press with a finger on the plastic clip of the plug and pull it in the opposite direction. If the plug does not come out well, then we help with a screwdriver by picking up a plastic cover. Brushes from the generator do not need to remove.
  5. Disconnect the power cable leading to the battery.Remove the rubber protective cap, unscrew the nut with the key 13 and remove the terminals.
  6. Unscrew the top nut of the generator. In order to pull the nut off, it is necessary to use a knob. Once the nut is loose, unscrew it with a ratchet. In order to remove the mounting bolt, just lightly banging it with a hammer. It is not necessary to completely remove the bolt.
  7. A similar operation is carried out with the lower mounting bolt. Here it is necessary to take into account that the bottom bolt has special bushings and, when it is unscrewed, the nut on the reverse side can scroll. Required
    lock the nut with a spanner or an open-end wrench and use a ratchet to unscrew the lower bolt, holding the generator with one hand.
  8. We take out the lower mounting bolt and carefully remove the generator from the engine compartment.
  9. To install a new generator repeat the above steps in reverse order.
  10. Before replacing the generator with a new one, it is recommended to install the upper fastening bolt in the same way as the lower one, with a cap to the rear of the car. In some cases, the upper bolt cannot be completely removed and it can be cut down and then replaced with a new one.

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