How to cheat subscribers in Vkontakte?

Cheating subscribers Vkontakte needed mainly for the promotion of communities. The more subscribers a community has, the more attention it has from real users. In this article we will answer the question of how to wind up Vkontakte subscribers for free for a personal page or community.

How can I wind up Vkontakte subscribers

It is possible to wind up subscribers in VK in three main ways:

  • using the option "Possible friends";
  • using third-party scripts and programs;
  • through popular gaming applications VK.

“Possible Friends”

To use the first method, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in Vkontakte there is a limit on the number of requests per day - 50. That is, even with the maximum maximum responsiveness of possible friends per week, you can collect 350 subscribers, which is virtually impossible. Periodically, after clicking "Add to friends", a window with a verification code appears, which slows down the process of sending invitations.In addition, if you frequently send requests to the maximum number, there is a risk that the VKontakte administration will block the page.


You can add subscribers to the Vkontakte group or to your page also by using programs. One of the most popular and effective programs for this purpose is ViKing Botovod. This program will help to cheat a few thousand subscribers in the shortest possible time.

Let's start with the fact that the program is paid, so it is rational to use it only with large amounts of cheating subscribers or if you are engaged in social networking professionally. The main function of the program is to automate the sending of invitations. You can also set a specific audience for inviting you to your page or to your group, for example, from another thematic community, from a list of friends or by id.

For powerful cheating of subscribers to the Vkontakte group, it is also convenient to use the ViKing Inviter + program, which combines the functionality of cheating not only subscribers, but also likes, and also makes it possible to launch an automatic update of the group.

VKontakte applications

This method is very well suited for freeing subscribers to a personal page. For this method, suitable applications in which there is the principle of franding, that is, you need to add friends to get new gaming advantages or to move to new levels. Good applications for winding up subscribers are Metro 2033, Tyuryaga, In Okop, Rules of War and other applications where more than a million users are registered.

As a rule, such applications have their official Vkontakte groups. You need to go into this group, join it and leave a request on the wall to add as a friend for help in the game. Since the friendship in the framework of VKontakte is mutually beneficial for the players, very soon you can receive a large number of incoming “Add to friends” applications,

The advantage of this method is that even after you have reached the limit of outgoing requests for friends, you can still increase the number of subscribers at the expense of incoming requests.

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