How to test silver at home for authenticity?

How to check silver at home? There are quite a few ways to verify the authenticity of silver, both standardized and domestic ones. It does not matter for what purpose it is necessary, but you can always find out what a thing is made of real silver or silver. The sample 999 material itself is very soft, therefore the maximum sample that can be found on the market is 925. Such ingots consist of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Also often there is confusion around similar terms - silver and silvering (silvered material). Silver is actually a precious metal, whereas silvering means that a very thin layer of it was applied to a certain material.

how to check silver at home

If we take the standard checks, there are two:

  • stigma;
  • verification of magnetic qualities.

But besides them there are still opportunities to check, and it is at home:

  • vinegar;
  • iodine.

How to check silver at home, and will be discussed further.

Verification by brand

Products that are intended for sales on the international precious metals markets should be marked, that is, have a stamp that indicates a metal sample. If there is no stamp, it does not mean at all that there is a fake in front of you, it is quite possible that the product itself is not certified or was made in a country that does not require the setting of the stamp.

how to check the authenticity of silver at home

Magnetic testing

If you take a magnet that is equal to the size of an ingot of silver, then there should be no interaction between them due to the fact that silver is a paramagnet. Only a very strong and large magnet can force silver to interact with it, and even that interaction will be hardly noticeable. It is worth taking note of this information: there are quite a lot of materials in the world that are similar to silver for their properties, including magnetic ones, so it would be better if you combine a magnetic test with others. The advantage of this manipulation is that you can take a small magnet with you to the store / shop and carry out testing on the spot.

Home check

How to check a sample of silver at home? You can define it with brompeak.It is required to drop a drop of reagent on silver and observe its reaction. If the silver sample is higher than 600, then it acquires a brown-red hue, and the higher the sample, the lighter the bromic becomes. Around the 800th sample, the color will be orange. If the 875th test and above, then it will already be red; having passed the 900th trial, it becomes already blood-red. This method allows you to find out the product sample with an error of up to 20 units.

how to check a sample of silver at home

Vinegar test

How to check silver at home with vinegar? Vinegar does not react to silver, so if you have any doubts as to what metal the cutlery or jewel is made of, you can put them in the vinegar itself. True, you need to be careful here, if you omit the subject, which is considered a family value. After all, the reaction can be very violent, and the thing will literally evaporate.

Iodine check

How to check silver at home with iodine? More gentle is checking with iodine. If a droplet is put on silver and a black speck appears, this confirms that silver is real. Since this stain will be very problematic to remove, it is better to do the check in an inconspicuous place, so that later you don’t have to dwell on cleaning it.With such and similar checks it is necessary to be careful due to the fact that another metal can be silver-plated, its physical properties similar to silver.

how to check silver at home with vinegar

Thermal conductivity check

How to check the authenticity of silver at home? Silver is one of the best metals in terms of heat conduction. Thanks to this property, once there were ideas to make silver power lines, but because of possible attempts on them they abandoned such a venture. But you can check silver for heat conduction. You need to take it in hand and hold it well, it will instantly take the temperature of the human body. If the metal is immersed in water, whether it is warm or cold, it will immediately take its temperature, which can also be used for authentication.

Definition by quality

How to check silver at home? There is one more, so to speak, household way of checking. It is necessary to take a thing from silver or a silver ingot and turn it in your hands, and not one, two, but good. If the hands are clean, this indicates a good quality of the material. But if they are soiled, then silver is probably diluted with zinc.Negative property of such alloys from zinc, except for soiled hands, is also the fragility of the jewelry. Many may argue that products made of real silver can also turn black, but their blackening does not occur quickly. In addition, the blackness can be removed by wiping the product with a special cream.

how to check silver at home iodine

Features when authenticating silver

How to check silver at home? As mentioned above, the metal can be silver plated, which does not allow to call the above methods such that they work at 100 percent. In such cases, you can try to remove the silver with a needle. If it is removed, then this means that you have a metal that was silver-plated, whereas real silver has too strong a molecular bond inside itself to break with a needle.

The use of special chemical mixtures

In jewelry stores, and sometimes in regular stores, you can find special chemical mixtures with which you can determine the authenticity of silver, even at home. To do this, follow the instructions and compare with what happens.

how to check silver at home

As you can see, there are various possibilities to check whether the silver is real in front of you, and it is not at all necessary to go to the jeweler for this. There are various ways: easy, difficult, almost instantaneous, and there are also those that will have to spend time. But after carrying out several checks, it will be easy to say that the authenticity or fake of the metal has been established.

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