How to check the liver? Analyzes for the diagnosis of liver disease

First of all, it must be said that in preventive measures it is necessary to constantly carry out a liver check. This procedure should be introduced into the habit. This applies not only to the liver, but to the whole organism, but this organ should be taken very carefully.

It is necessary to do tests necessarily!

Check the liver is easy. The work of this body is affected by a large number of external factors. Such as the ecological situation of the region where the person lives. Bad habits, especially the abuse of alcohol or narcotic drugs, also leave their mark. In addition, people who do not adhere to proper nutrition are also at risk of developing pathological processes in the liver. It is not recommended to abuse high-fat foods.

liver tests

If a person has any habits from the above list, then it is necessary to carry out such a procedure as screening the liver.This should be done at intervals once a year, and then there will be no problems with the liver. Analyzes are an effective method of human examination. Only the results of the study can make an accurate diagnosis.

In what cases is a person prescribed tests?

As mentioned above, should be surveyed annually, especially when it comes to such an organ as the liver. Analyzes are prescribed directly by the doctor. No need to wait for any symptoms. The fact is that there are no nerve endings in the liver. Therefore, the symptoms may be completely absent.

check liver

In order to begin the examination, it is not necessary to wait for the presence of any uncomfortable sensations. To learn about the presence of any pathological changes in some cases is possible only after passing certain tests.


In order to check the liver and start the examination, you need to make an appointment with the therapist. This can be done at the place of residence in the district clinic or go to a private clinic. How to check the liver? What tests are prescribed? The most common method of examination is a blood test.Currently, several methods are used to study human blood to identify or exclude pathological processes. After receiving the data, the doctor will prescribe a further examination or start the treatment process based on the available ones.

Yellow skin tone

What signals can tell a person that he needs to see a specialist for a liver examination? There are a number of signs that a person may notice in his body, indicating that pathological changes are taking place in the liver. In this case, the tests need to urgently pass. Let's look at these signs.

Yellow skin tone appears when bilirubin begins to form in the human body. In the normal functioning of the liver, this substance is processed by it and leaves the body. If bilirubin begins to be present in the patient’s blood, this means that the liver has failed. That is, it does not cope with its functions. Hemoglobin also breaks down in the body. Most people have heard that with a deficit of hemoglobin the general condition of the body worsens.But you should be aware that in large doses, this substance is also dangerous to human health. The fact is that hemoglobin has such a property as toxicity, so you should definitely start the examination to avoid serious health problems. It should also be said that the liver is an important organ for human life; therefore, it is by no means impossible to drive yourself to the extreme. It is better to conduct screening for preventive purposes than to fight for your life. Yellow skin color is a signal that you need to urgently go to a medical facility.

Pain in right side

Consider the discomfort in the right side of the body. When a person is experiencing heaviness or tingling in his right side, he should also consult a doctor. Such sensations are especially acute after a person eats foods high in fat. Also, the severity occurs when drinking beverages that contain alcohol. If the patient begins to hurt the right side, then he should be tested for the diagnosis of liver disease.

Intestinal malfunction

Usually they are manifested by such a symptom as a violation of the chair. The fact is that the pathological processes of the liver affect the intestinal function. When the functional tasks of the liver are violated, there is less excretion of bile. It is well known that bile is involved in the processing of food. Therefore, its insufficient amount affects the work of the human digestive organs. As a result of the fact that the food is poorly digested, the patient has a violation of the stool, namely, constipation, he can not normally go to the toilet. In addition, diarrhea can also begin, with fecal masses having an uncharacteristic color. This behavior of the body is also a sign that a person should not delay with a visit to a medical institution.

Big belly

People who have liver problems will have a larger stomach. The fact is that if this body begins to collapse, then it increases in volume. As a result of this process, a person's belly grows. The proportions of the body become unnatural, since the rest of its parts do not increase in volume. In this case, on the stomach, you can see the veins, namely their drawing.

Skin deterioration

On the skin of a person appear such troubles as rash, itching, and so on. A poor skin condition always indicates that there is any pathology in the body. Sick liver is no exception.

tests to diagnose liver disease

As mentioned above, liver disease affects the bowel and digestive system. This means that toxic substances accumulate in the body. When this happens, the skin condition changes. Allergic reactions may also occur. Obvious signs that a person is not healthy, is dry skin and peeling. Also, the skin begins to itch.

Pay attention to the state of the language. What is he like?

Another indication that there is a problem with the liver is the tongue. If a patina begins to form and its color changes, then you should immediately contact a medical institution. Tongues of yellow tint may appear on the tongue, and plaque may also form. It is white or brown. Another characteristic feature of the pathological process is the appearance of cracks in the tongue.

Blood biochemistry

What are prescribed tests for liver disease? If a person has addressed to a medical institution with complaints about which it was mentioned above, then the doctor will give him a referral for examinations, the results of which will confirm or refute the alleged diagnosis.

liver disease tests

What is the need to do a blood test to check the liver? First of all, the therapist will send a person to donate blood for biochemistry. This study allows you to effectively and quickly see if there are any pathological changes in the liver.

What indicators in the biochemical analysis of blood pay attention?

There are several indicators, the change of which suggests that the liver is in an unhealthy state:

liver enzymes

  1. Enzymes of the liver. Indicators of the level of enzymes that are involved in the protein metabolism. These enzymes include ALT and AST. With destructive processes in the human liver, an increase in these indicators in the patient's blood occurs. It is also worth knowing that the greater their number in the blood, the more aggravated the destructive process in the liver. Both indicators increase the same. If a blood test showsthat these liver enzymes are present in large quantities in the material of the test person, this suggests that he has liver cancer or hepatitis. Analysis of the liver for AST is an important study for diagnosis.
  2. If a substance such as bilirubin is detected in a person’s blood, this means that the liver cannot cope with its tasks. In a healthy person, bilirubin is constantly excreted from the body. If it accumulates, the skin becomes a yellow shade. Large indicators of bilirubin in the study of the patient's blood may indicate that the liver has serious pathological changes. However, also a high level of this substance may indicate a slight deviation from the normal functioning of the liver. Therefore, it is possible that the patient will be prescribed drugs or recommendations on nutrition. Then his condition quickly normalizes.
  3. Blood clotting also indicates liver disease. This indicator has a specific name, namely - the prothrombin index. It shows how human vessels work, as well as his veins.
  4. A protein like albumin is also an indicator of liver function. If it is not enough in the blood, then this suggests that the body produces it in small quantities. And this, in turn, indicates a failure in its work. As a rule, in destructive processes, the liver is not able to produce enough of this protein. A decrease in this indicator indicates a greater likelihood of the presence of a disease such as cirrhosis in a person.
  5. The excess content of an enzyme such as alkaline phosphatase in a person’s blood indicates that an inflammatory process is underway in the patient’s body. This enzyme is responsible for the production of phosphoric acid.

blood test to check the liver

Patient tips

It is important to know that exceeding certain indicators separately is not proof that a person is sick. Perhaps in the body there was some minor failure.

how to check the liver what tests

In this case, the specialist will prescribe a re-examination of the patient’s blood over time. But a deviation from the norm of several indicators or all at once indicates that a person in the body is undergoing a pathological process that requires immediate treatment.

Small conclusion

Now you know when and how to check the liver.The analyzes used for these purposes are named in the article, their decoding was also considered. We hope that this information was useful to you. Be healthy!

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