How to choose a children's helmet?

Only a few children refuse to skiskates, bicycles, scooters. The mastery of the basics of handling these vehicles is accompanied by minor injuries. To protect the baby from damage to the head child's helmet.

Advantages of using a child's helmet

Not all parents consider equipmentTo protect the head as a mandatory attribute for skiing. Some are quite confident in the possibility of independent security for their own children and therefore consider such adaptations an extra luxury. However, in practice, everything turns out completely differently.helmet for children

What are the advantages of a helmet for children? Advantages of applying such a solution are the following:

  1. A reliable shell allows you to protect the head of the baby from getting abrasions, scratches, and also allows you to avoid more serious damage.
  2. In the course of active body movements, the child feels self-reliance and full protection, concentrating on developing skills to handle this or that vehicle.
  3. The children's helmet acts not only as a protection against mechanical damage, but can be used as a means to protect the head from the sun, rain and wind.

Design features

Picking up a child's protective helmet, it is worthfocus on some design points that may differ depending on the model. First of all, you need to check the reliability of fasteners and straps. The quality of the performance of these elements directly depends on the safety of the child's health when falling.

Attention should be paid to the number andthe nature of the holes that the child's helmet possesses. Features of their geometry are reflected in the quality of ventilation during skiing. It should be borne in mind that a complete lack of openings in the design of the protective device can lead to overheating of the baby's head.child safety helmet

Choose a child helmet that is recommendedhas a visor. This option not only protects the baby's eyes from bright sunlight and raindrops. If the fall is unsuccessful, the visor will work as a visor and prevent the person from hitting hard surfaces.

The size

Children's helmet must be maximallytight fit to the head, while not delivering at the same time discomfort to the baby. To determine in advance with the appropriate models, it is worthwhile to measure the circumference of the child's head. To do this, it is enough to use a soft centimeter roulette or rope. During measurements, the latter should be placed above the eyebrows in a horizontal position.

Today in sports equipment stores children's helmets are presented with standardized parameters corresponding to the following circles of the head:

  • S / M - from 46 to 54 cm.
  • M / L - from 48 to 59 cm.
  • L - from 52 to 58 cm.

Design and coloring

Going to buy a children's helmet is better together with your own child. If, for some reason, the choice of parents does not appeal to the baby, he will most likely not be wearing a protective device.

Together, choosing a helmet, you can not onlyDetermine the appropriate size, but also give the child the opportunity to stay on the most attractive option. Modern children's models are characterized by the widest variety of colors and design solutions. Therefore, when visiting a large sports store, problems with this certainly should not arise.children's helmet

Parents are advised to looksufficiently bright models of protective helmets. It is desirable to stop the choice of products covered with a reflective glossy paint. Such a decision will make the child noticeable for drivers of vehicles both in the evening and during the day.


Picking a helmet for a motorcycle for children or forroller skating, skateboarding, other means of transportation, special attention should be focused on the convenience of the product for the baby. The presented model should not hang out, move with active movements, or change the position of the head.

Before buying it is worth making sure that the elementsThe helmet designs do not overlap the free view and do not affect the sight of the baby. A protective product should not completely cover your ears, because the hearing during riding has the same value as the ability to visually assess the environment.


Perform a tight fit of the helmet for the parametersHeads are able to help the various adjustment accessories that come complete with most models. It is important to place the product on the head of the baby in such a way that it sits as flat as possible, covering such vulnerable places as the whiskey and the frontal part of the head.helmet for children's motorcycle

Then you can proceed to adjust the holding lines. If the latter are stretched correctly, the toes of the baby should pass freely between the straps and the chin.

In the end, all the elements of fastenings and adjustments must be performed qualitatively. This directly depends on the protective functions of the children's helmet.

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