How to choose a double boiler

How to choose a double boiler

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First of all, it is worth noting that such a device as a double boiler is not at all a matter of prime necessity in your kitchen, but it greatly facilitates the hard work of the hostess, simplifies and speeds up the process of cooking. With its help, you can quickly cook foods, retaining all their beneficial properties. Nutritionists advise to cook a couple for losing weight. Delicious fish, vegetables, meat, cereals and various sauces - all this can be prepared using this device.

We decided to buy a double boiler, but lost in the pros and cons of devices and do not know which brand to prefer? We will help you clarify the picture and you will find your ideal model of a double boiler! After reading the characteristics below, you can easily determine which particular steamer is more optimal and reliable, and which model will suit you in the end.


The speed of cooking products directly depends on the power of the device.
PowerIncreased power reduces cooking time.

On the market are steam boilers of various capacities - from 700 to 2000 watts.

For an average family that consists of 3-4 people, we recommend a steamer with a capacity of 800-1000 watts.

Types of management

There are two control options - mechanical and electronic.
Types of managementIn the first, all that is required of you is simply to turn the control lever.
In the second, more complex - you need to select the desired mode on the button bar.
Types of managementIn the electronic model, you can use various features, such as maintaining a hot meal or turning on the timer. If you prefer it - choose the second model of the double boiler, although they are much more expensive.


A pallet is a container for dripping steam and juice from finished products. Most often there is only one pallet.
PalletsBut in some cases another formula is possible - the number of bowls is equal to the number of pallets.

If you prefer that liquids from different baskets do not mix with each other, we recommend that you choose a double boiler with several trays and bowls.

This nuance will help, for example, in the preparation of various sauces.

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Number of cells

Basket, profile, bowl - this is the container where your products are prepared.
Number of cellsSteamers contain from one to five cells. Models whose design includes only one basket are quite rare. So we strongly advise you to opt for devices with two or more baskets.
Number of cellsWhen you intend to use your steamer to cook one or two dishes at the same time, two bowls will be enough. If you plan to cook many dishes at the same time, it is better to buy a double boiler with a large number of bowls.

Basket capacity

The amount of food you can cook at one time depends on the volume of steam baskets.
Basket capacityProfile can have a volume ranging from 1.6 to 4.0 liters.

You can easily determine what the optimal amount of steam baskets you need, based on the amount of food consumption in the family.

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