How to choose a quadroopter?

A good drone is one of the most popular anddemanded technical devices. It is used both for entertainment and amateur shootings from a height, and for professional purposes. Quadrocopters have already managed to gain a firm place in the modern technical market, and therefore you will choose the right model among a wide variety: they all differ in structure, functionality, size, purpose. We will help to determine the main criteria for choosing a drone.

Choose the appropriate model: 5 criteria

  1. Purpose of purchase. This device has a wide range of uses, from the household level and ending with the military. But most often a quadrocopter is bought as an interesting toy or a device for shooting video. Buying a toy, choose a small size and simple design, the main advantages: to be easy to manage, easy to fly, looked interesting. This is especially true if you are buying a device for a child. Such models can be equipped with cameras or not. If good shooting is important for you, choose a model with an existing high-quality camera or one that can be attached to a small one, for example, GoPro. It is more advantageous to take the device with a detachable camera. Firstly, you always have the ability to quickly and easily replace one camera with another in the event of a breakdown or a defect in shooting, and secondly, a detachable mountable camera shoots better and better than most cameras that go in the main set of the device.
  2. The cost of the device. If you are going to buy a toy, you will be enough for $ 100-200. If in priority - a good video shooting, then the device should be more expensive several times. You can compare similar models of different manufacturers from different manufacturers in order to choose the most suitable for the cost. If you look at the average models, then their value can be counted on one and a half thousand.
  3. An important criterion is how much youlike to dig and understand all sorts of techniques, to build it. If you want and are ready to tinker with your device, you can choose a complex model. If it's more important for you to get high-quality video shooting from a height with a good device, you do not have to bother with assembling and tuning, you can proceed as follows: when ordering the device, ask the seller to assemble it and then configure it in the right way or immediately purchase a drone that does not need to be assembled.
  4. Check the warranty of your device. On average, the warranty period is a year, but it can vary.
  5. To choose a good model, do not be lazyin advance to carefully study the available information, read professional reviews, see reviews of interesting models and get acquainted with the new products of quadrocopters.

For example, consider one of the popular modern models - let's present a review of DJI Mavic Pro.

Model DJI Mavic Pro

This is the first folding drones from the manufacturerMavic Pro. Modern model differs in small dimensions - in the folded state it occupies 20 cm, and also has 8 cm in width and height. Also, the device easily moves apart, so you can start working with it in a matter of minutes. It is easy to pack in a bag or backpack, it removes well, so it is especially suitable for travelers.

The model can shoot in high resolution - C4K,resulting in a widescreen image of 4096 by 2160 pixels in size. The camera can be easily adjusted to other resolutions: 2.7K, 4K, HD, FHD at a speed of 24 to 120 frames per second. With her you can get not only quality photos, but also make good videos for commercials and TV shows. Aperture F / 2.2 with a shutter speed of up to 8 seconds allows you to create detailed and high-quality images even in the evening.

Various ISO settings, file formats,built-in photo and video editors allow you to create a variety of beautiful pictures and videos. If desired, your masterpiece can be shared in a social network, as well as direct reporting from the scene, which will immediately be broadcast on YouTube.

Among the advantages of this brand new camera are also important the following:

  1. The presence of a transparent spherical cover that protects the lens from dirt and small insects when landing in high grass or on the ground.
  2. The camera can be easily deployed in different directions: up-down and right-to-left by 90 degrees.
  3. Copter is able to fly 7 km in the distance and 4 km inheight, in windless weather maximum flight time - up to 27 minutes at a temperature of 0 to 40 degrees. After a lapse of 21 minutes, the copter will report that the battery charge is gradually settling down, and if you do not return the device to the ground, it will slowly come down.
  4. The video is broadcast to the smartphone, which you need to attach to the control panel. The maximum parameters of the smartphone - no more than 6.5-8.5 cm in height.
  5. A well-developed OcuSync system uses a more efficient technology for video compression and subsequent channel transmission.

This model of the drone has many otheruseful functions, nuances and pleasant bonuses for lovers of quality equipment. More information on all the information you can find on the site

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